BASF Develops New Auxiliary Chemicals

BASF DevelopsNew Auxiliary ChemicalsBASF AG, Germany, now offers two new auxiliaries for dyeing
applications. Primasol® JET, a lubricant for jet-dyeing, improves the dyeing process, especially on
rope-dyeing machines, according to BASF.Creases are less likely to form in the fabric, and chafe or
abrasion marks are prevented. Primasol JET is compatible with all dyes and all substrate types.
According to the company, Setamol WS is a universal, anionic dispersing agent that produces level
and fast dyeings.In other company news, in response to tougher guidelines and eco-standard
profiles, BASF has developed the ECOFIT product range for fabric pretreatment. The acronym stands
for products that are ecologically and technically adapted to the requirements of tomorrow. The
range includes detergents and wetting agents, extracting agents, peroxide stabilizers and
complexing agents.
August 2002