New Products From Virkler

The Virkler Co., Charlotte, N.C., has introduced two new products to the wet-processing market.The
first product, Vircoscour CBW-515, is a low-foaming wetter/scour that can be used in continuous,
batch and jet bleaching processes in both peroxide and chlorine bleach systems. According to
Virkler, the product has demonstrated excellent wax- and soil-dispersing properties to minimize
deposits on machinery. It has also consistently produced high-quality whites at economical
processing costs.Vircolene PS-512, a peroxide stabilizer PLUS, is the second new introduction from
Virkler. The company states that this product provides controlled action of peroxide for bleaching,
as well as minimizing wasteful decomposition of peroxide caused by the presence of such metals as
iron, copper and manganese.

May 2001