Como Textile Printers Installs Arioli Steamer

Como Textile Printers, Paterson, N.J., recently installed a New Generation Steamer from Italy-based
Arioli. The new steamer replaces an older mini-steamer and is the fourth Arioli steamer to be
purchased by Como.Como selected the steamer because, using the same manpower, the new steamer can
accomplish four times the production of the old mini-steamer.The New Generation Steamer uses a
differential steam-distribution method. The steam distributed in the chamber does not have to be
uniform, but must be concentrated at the front of the machine. The exothermic reaction from the
dyestuff fixation and urea dissociation takes only a dozen seconds, and it is logical to
concentrate the fresh steam flow where these two vital phenomena take place. A special
steam-injection duct at the front of the machine concentrates 70 percent of the total steam flow,
which is pretreated and conditioned prior to entry.The steamer is equipped with programmable
controls that operate and monitor the speed of the recalculating and exhaust fans, the selvage
expanders, the fabric loop length, dwell time, production, temperature and steam flow, as well as
the working modes, which include saturated, superheated, hot-air and cooling.The steamer
supervisory system has images for the machine settings, temperature graphics, steam flow, trouble
shooting and recording of print recipes. All parameters and graphics can be stored and recalled at
any time.

March 2001