Charbert Picks Datacolors Colorite For Color Matching

Charbert Inc., Alton, R.I., a subsidiary of Narrow Fabric America, has selected the Colorite color
technology system developed and marketed by Datacolor International, Lawrenceville, N.J., for its
color matching.We have a strong commitment to give the client full access to our technical
strength, manufacturing expertise and innovative thinking. Datacolors color technology fits right
in with our operating philosophy. Its system not only allows us to perform quick and accurate
matches of Charberts exacting smaller dyelots, but it also gives us the ability to transfer color
information electronically throughout the supply chain, from the dyehouse directly to the
customers, retailers and designers, stated Bill Rowan, vice president of operations,
Charbert.Datacolors President, David Crozier, added, Charbert is a company committed to delivering
small lots of high-quality and custom fabrics. This makes it a perfect application for our system,
one that is designed to act as a seamless enhancer of the entire dyeing process, from expert color
matching through to on-screen color approval.

March 2001