Stork Introduces Pigment And Disperse Applications

The Netherlands-based Stork Digital Imaging has completed the application line for the Amber
printer with the introduction of pigment- and disperse- transfer applications. These two new
applications, plus reactive and acid, allow high-quality digital prints on nearly any type of
substrate.Pretreatment of the substrate is no longer necessary with the pigment application, and
aftertreatment is restricted to the standard heat fixation. The pigments can be used on a wide
variety of substrates, including natural and man-made fibers, blends and even Lycra®. Stork says
that high light- and wash-fastness levels, similar to those for conventional pigments, can be
achieved.With the new disperse transfer application, the Amber printer can print a design on
transfer paper. The design is then transferred onto polyester substrates. Again, no pretreatment of
the substrate is necessary. Stork claims this is a truly unique way to print polyester with high
fastness levels, large color space and pin-sharp details.

January 2001