New Developments From Rutland Plastic Technologies

Rutland Plastic Technologies, Pineville, N.C., has introduced three new products.HS Series inks are
formulated as economical press-ready plastisols for hot-split transfer applications on 100-percent
cotton and 50-percent polyester/50-percent cotton white fabrics.For printing on polyester/cotton
dark fabrics, Rutland offers a low-bleed plastisol, ML9230 Maximum White. For finely detailed
images, ML9230 can be applied as an underlay white, or it can be printed as a stand-alone white for
maximum whiteness.Complimentary M2000 Pantone-approved software will optimize the use of pre-mixed
inks and control production costs. M2000 can improve quality by allowing for the precise mixing of
more than 2,000 colors.Rutland has also announced a distribution agreement with Atlanta-based
Freedom Imaging Solutions. The agreement will provide distribution of Rutlands plastisol screen
line in the territories covered by Freedom.

October 2000