DuPont To Build PVA Bulk Handling Facility

DuPont, Wilmington, Del., has announced it recently purchased eight acres of land in Laurens, S.C.,
for the construction of a bulk handling facility for its Elvanol polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).Elvanol
PVA is currently being shipped from DuPonts warehouse and bulk handling facility in Greenville,
S.C. The company plans to move its bulk handling operation to the site in Laurens, while retaining
the Greenville warehouse.Our existing bulk handling facility is located on a leased site that is
scheduled for redevelopment, said Susan Enderle, marketing manager, DuPont. Moving to our own site
gives DuPont more control and assures future continuity.According to the company, the move will be
transparent to its customers and no Dupont employees will be relocated.In other news, DuPont has
introduced its first set of digital printing inks specifically designed for short production runs
of silk fabric.The acid-dye inks are available in two formulations for different ink-jet printhead
technologies. These inks, available in seven colors and a clear diluent, are formulated with the
same colorants used for traditional screen printing of silk.As with traditional screen printed
inks, these new acid-dye inks require post processing to ensure the desired results.According to
the company, these inks are designed to work in commercially available ink-jet printing equipment.
Circle 314.

September 1999