Virkler Reaches Distribution Agreement With Mardupol

The Virkler Co., Charlotte, N.C., has reached an historic agreement with Productos Quimicos
Mardupol S.A. de C.V., Mexico City.Under the terms of the agreement, Mar-dupol will distribute
Virklers entire wet processing line, with emphasis on specialized laundry chemicals for garment
processing, and dyeing and finishing chemistry for the denim, hosiery and piece dyeing industries.
Mardupol, which has represented DuPont for more than 50 years, is one of Mexicos oldest and largest
chemical distributors with facilities in 14 cities serving all the major textile markets in
Mexico.Virkler products are now in stock at Mardupols Torreon, Leon, Mexico City and Puebla
facilities and are available for immediate delivery, according to the company.According to Howard
Virkler, president of The Virkler Co., these central locations will enable Mardupol to deliver
Virkler products to all major markets within 48 hours and most deliveries will be made in less than
24 hours.The Virkler Co., under Drayton Virklers leadership, will be responsible for the sales and
technical support backed up by Virklers extensive laboratories and worldwide technical service
staff.According to Ing. Carlos Obert, director of Technical Sales for Mardupol, his company will
support Virkler in sales and service and provide the fastest possible delivery to customers.
Mardupol will also be responsible for billing and collection.

February 1999