DyStar Continues Commitment In Asia

DyStar, Germany, is continuing to invest at its site in Cilegon, Indonesia. The companys management
has announced that DyStar will be embarking on plans to expand its reactive dyes facility.According
to the company, the aim is to double production capacity at the Cilegon site from 3,000 tons p.a.
to 6,000 tons p.a. Start-up is scheduled for the year 2000.DyStar has two production sites in
Indonesia Cilegon and DyStar Polkrik. According to Dr. Elmar Stachels, DyStars general manager,
they are the cornerstone for the companys business activities in Asia.In the present situation, it
is apparent how important it is to have an international manufacturing base. Our facilities in Asia
enable us to use local competitive advantages and meet demand for dyes for cotton and polyester,
the two most important types of fiber in Asia and beyond.

February 1999