Cordura® Brand Launches Digital Fabric Finder

WICHITA, Kan. — January 14, 2021 —On January 18, 2021, the Cordura® brand will launch the Cordura® Fabric Finder — a digital fabric library that will allow brands to navigate a user-friendly digital interface to view an assortment of more than 500 fabrics and growing. The resource is located at

The Fabric Finder will include images of all fabric angles, and close-up details as well as fabric content information so that partners can choose the best fabric fit for their upcoming collections. In the past, Cordura brand partners needed to request fabrics based on characteristics to be shipped to them for in-person viewing, but the Cordura Fabric Finder will allow partners to self select fabrics, and build their next season’s offerings more quickly and efficiently.

As the world is changing and moving to digital design and prototyping, Cordura is adapting to provide product and services that facilitate customer needs. Cordura believes that it can accelerate time to market while consuming fewer resources by providing a digital experience for brand designers to explore and shop Cordura fabrics. The brand will increase accessibility to its fabric offering with an easy-to-use digital interface. The Fabric Finder will create a mutual benefit for strategic partner mills by promoting its certified fabric portfolio in a collaborative and transparent platform that will enable sharing of brand partner opportunities, unmet needs, and insights.

The Cordura Fabric Finder will:

  • Educate designers on Cordura brand portfolio offerings and technologies, and showcase
    new and trending Cordura fabrics;
  • Provide detailed photography of Cordura fabric offering;
  • Expedite the turnaround time for fabric selection;
  • Create a customer-first experience that focuses on meeting the ever-growing digital needs of the designer community; and
  • Reduce waste by creating an environment that allows the designer to navigate our portfolio and select the fabrics that work for them.

Posted January 20, 2021

Source: Cordura