ARKEMA Will Be Attending This Year’s JEC Edition With A Unique Portfolio Of Materials For Composites

COLOMBES, France — February 29, 2024 — Through its Resins, Additives and Adhesives, Arkema offers higher performance and more sustainable solutions to meet the demands of the Composites market.

After Arkema acquired a majority stake in PI Advanced Materials in South Korea, the two companies will be showcasing polyimide films that are able to withstand extreme temperatures while preserving dimensional stability, offering excellent electrical properties and flexibility.

PI Advanced Materials is a prominent supplier of various types of polyimide films for diverse applications, particularly those suitable for the consolidation or curing of high-temperature thermoset and thermoplastic composites, spanning a wide range of thicknesses.

PI films are used in various industries, including smart devices, electric vehicles, semiconductors, displays, aerospace, and industrial applications.

SMART ADHESIVES – Bostik will reveal its adhesive solutions to bond and repair composite parts, with a focus on its structural adhesives MMA SAF&FIT and Pliogrip™ range of 2Kpolyurethane and epoxy structural adhesives, Born2Bond™ Instant Adhesives, and SMP sealants. Bostik will also present its low-profile additives (LPA) to improve the intrinsic properties of composite materials, such as their chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance in Sheet Molding and Bulk Molding Compound (SMC, BMC).

UNLEASHING THE FUTURE WITH ARKEMA’S UDX® TAPES – Arkema is proud to present a range of semi-finished composite products under the UDX® brand. These products take the form of unidirectional carbon fiber tapes, each impregnated with high-performance thermoplastic polymers.

Major on-going developments with UDX tapes are high pressures vessels for hydrogen and high-performance sports equipment’s.

BEYOND UDX TAPES: FABRICS AND CHIPS – We also offer other semi-finished products based on UDX tapes, such as fabrics and chips, for specific applications. Additionally, scraps from traditional UD tape processing can be chipped and recycled for other highly demanding applications.

REINFORCE SYSTEM TOUGHNESS – New Clearstrength® MBS core-shell toughening agents offer extensive formulation versatility. Clearstrength® E980 has improved dispersion properties while high-performance Clearstrength® XT152 is designed for lower polarity (meth)acrylic monomers and hydrophobic resins.

LOWER VOCS – Sartomer® reactive diluents, crosslinkers and binders reduce VOCs and improve mechanical properties in thermoset, thermoplastic and bio composites. The offering includes bio-based options with more than 25% bio-content.

THE INTELLIGENT COMPOSITES OF TOMORROW – Compared to standard piezoelectric ceramics, sensors based on Piezotech® can be mounted on curved surfaces because they are flexible. Also, due to their polymeric nature, they can be integrated into the core of composite like tanks and can be printed on large surfaces. The absence of toxic and non-recyclable heavy metals, their light weight and low energy consumption make them the materials of choice.

PARTNERSHIP – Arkema is partnering with WW technologies, a technology licensing company, and MultiMaterial-Welding, licensor of Woodwelding® technology, to provide an innovative fixation technique based on Rilsan® Polyamide 11. WW technologies offers efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable fixation solutions using ultrasonic energy to create bonds in porous materials such as sandwich panels, non-compatible polymers or foams.  MultiMaterial-Welding is an expert in fastener technology logistics. Rilsan® Polyamide 11, which is 100% bio-based, is being offered as the next generation fastening technology due to its exceptional mechanical properties, versatility in various designs and substrates, and excellent applicative performance.

Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class technologies to address ever-growing demand for new and sustainable materials. With the ambition to become in 2024 a pure player in Specialty Materials, the Group is structured into 3 complementary, resilient and highly innovative segments dedicated to Specialty Materials – Adhesive Solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions – accounting for some 91% of Group sales in 2022, and a well-positioned and competitive Intermediates segment. Arkema offers cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the challenges of, among other things, new energies, access to water, recycling, urbanization and mobility, and fosters a permanent dialogue with all its stakeholders. The Group reported sales of around € 11.5 billion in 2022, and operates in some 55 countries with 21,100 employees worldwide.

Posted: March 2, 2024

Source: ARKEMA