JEC World: Aerospace Sector’s Commitment To Decarbonization Highlighted

PARIS — February 20, 2024 — JEC World, the leading global tradeshow for the composites industry, is gearing up for its 2024 edition with a strong focus on the aerospace sector. From cutting-edge technologies showcased on the Innovation Planets to insightful industry discussions, JEC World 2024 will offer a unique platform for aerospace professionals to explore the transformative power of composites.

Airbus Leads the Change on Decarbonization

On March 6th, Aeronautics Industry Leaders will unveil the industry’s roadmap for Decarbonization to the JEC World community. A major focus of the aeronautics sustainability strategy is reducing the CO2 emissions of the aircrafts, as well as the industrial environmental footprint at sites worldwide and throughout the supply chain.

Leading industry figures, including Damien Proust (Airbus), Fabienne Lacorre (Safran), Alexandre Hamlyn (CORIOLIS), Thierry Merlot (Hexcel), and Gilles Lunet (Airbus Atlantic), will discuss how composite materials are THE key enabler to tackle the decarbonization challenges.

March 6th
10:00 – 11:00
Jean Theves Auditorium 401

Expert Insights on the Future of Composites in Aerospace

The dedicated JEC conference, “Beyond Boundaries: Composite Materials Shaping the Aerospace Industry” will delve deeper into the extensive applications, advancements, and future prospects of composites in this demanding field. Leading experts from Daher, Lilium, and Rolls-Royce will share their insights on:
• Balancing speed and eco-responsibility with thermoplastic projects.
• Turning eVTOL concepts into reality through the power of composites.
• Unveiling the role of composites in the innovative Rolls-Royce UltraFan® engine.

March 6th
14:00 – 14:55
Agora 6 – Hall 6

Innovation Takes Center Stage

The Innovation Planets will showcase a selection of groundbreaking aerospace parts, including the award-winning CFRP Latice Satellite Central Tube by ATG Europe. These innovations represent the cutting edge of composite development and their potential to propel the aerospace industry forward.

Other parts will be showcased:

Massivit Drone mold
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. ”CFRTP” Monocoque Structure for Drone frame by using TAFNEX™
Carbon ThreeSixty Ltd Carbon Fibre Helicopter / eVtol / Aircraft Wheel
CETIM Technical access hatch under aircraft’s wings, made from 100% recycled composite (Thermosaïc®)
Fuko Srl BioGear
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. ASPERA Welded Thermoplastic Composite Demonstrator
Veso Concept Air Inlet Outer Surface (AIOS) part in recycled carbon fibres
Airbus Atlantic Airbus Radome Concept
Pronat Aerospace Innovative use of Rohacell® foam for space vehicle
Space Team Aachen e.V. STAHR Rocket
Albany Engineered Composites 3D Woven WoT Rib (Airbus Wing of Tomorrow)
Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An AIRBUS Company) TP-Composite Panel by Hydrostatic Membrane Press Technology
HEXCEL HAICoPAS Aerospace Demonstrator
Aircraft fairing vacuum trimming fixture Aircraft Fairing Vacuum Trimming Fixture

Finally, the JEC Composites Innovation Awards area (H5 K147) will highlight once again the 22 finalists and 11 winners of this 2024 edition. Among them ATG Europe, Fuko srl and Sogeclair in the Aerospace-Parts category and Spirit AeroSystems, the German Aerospace center (DLR) and AIRBUS DS – Defence & Space in the Aerospace – Process category.

Posted: February 20, 2024

Source: JEC Group