Ultrafabrics And Allgood Partner To Bring The World’s Best Performance Fabric To Luxury Hardware

NEW YORK CITY — January 17, 2024 — Ultrafabrics, producer of high-tech performance fabrics in 11 global markets, has announced its first partnership with Allgood, a 75-year industry veteran in architectural ironmongery and hardware for the building industry. The partnership will see a selection of Ultrafabrics textiles in various colors available as a tailored grip on sleek cabinet and door handles.

Nicole Meier, director of Branding at Ultrafabrics, says of the partnership: “This is a perfect brand partnership to lead into our 25th anniversary in 2024. The theme for the year is ‘Imagine Anything’, and our work with Allgood is yet another way to see our product in unexpected places. Between going to space in the new Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo and having our product tailored around these beautiful Allgood handles, we continue to work with partners who imagine Ultrafabrics in amazing places.”

The customizable and modern Sembla collection of drawer pulls and door handles sees Ultrafabrics products stitched beautifully around sophisticated grips, allowing end users the softness that the brand is known for, combined with longevity and cleanability. Offered in a wide selection of Ultrafabrics best-in-class colors and notable textures, including the leather-like Brisa distressed finish, pebbled eco-tech, modern cross-hatched wired, and pearlized leather-like metallic finish. Fine details are obvious in the craftsmanship, with the product stitching delicately embedded in a channel etched in the handle, to provide an uninterrupted grip.

Sembla by Allgood: A customizable range available around the world

Sembla is a coordinated range of architectural ironmongery made in the UK by Allgood and is configurable by designers and specifiers. Its modular design, comprising a standard shaft or “node”, with the tip and the grip, allows for an extensive selection of beautiful colors, materials, textures and finishes to be applied to all elements. Ultrafabrics is the only textile option available because it meets the highest expectations for haptics, color and performance, and joins a palette including sleek carbon fibre, wood and a selection of metallic finishes to round out the selection of endless options.

“The ability to configure Sembla is not just a playful and flexible exercise, but it also responds to the need of today’s expanded interior design palette that is both bespoke and contextual, creatively responding to client and project needs,” says Stewart Lauder, Commercial International Sales Director for Allgood.

By combining different materials and finishes, Sembla complements any interior design with subtle variations or striking contrasts. The range of Ultrafabrics textiles and applied Spectra finishes offer a wonderful selection of colors and materials, helping to create unique pieces of hardware tailored to a designer’s vision.

Ultrafabrics and Allgood: A sustainable approach to business

In 2023, Ultrafabrics released its third annual sustainability report which shows the company is five years ahead of its already bold sustainability and ESG targets set in 2020.
Allgood’s Sembla line is manufactured in its Birmingham factory in the UK on the same site as its sales and technical teams which optimises logistics and minimizes waste. 75% of its suppliers are within 20 miles of the Birmingham operation, and 85% of its principle structural material – stainless steel – is from recycled sources.

Nicole Meier of Ultrafabrics goes on to say, “Innovation is all about redefining expectations. In a world where design is constantly evolving, the possibilities are endless when it comes to reimagining commercial spaces. From door handles and lounge seating to outdoor spaces, restaurant banquettes, and headboards, unexpected Ultrafabrics applications know no bounds.”

Where to find it

Sembla by Allgood featuring a custom selection of Ultrafabrics is available with 4-8 week delivery times.
Worldwide sales partners including US, UK and Europe can be found here.
Prices start at £90 for door handles and £80 for drawer pulls.

Technical Specs

Sembla by Allgood products are independently tested to BS EN 1906, both levers and pull handles have been incorporated in successful fire tests and assessed to BS EN 1634-1 and BS 476 Pt. All are backed by a 25-year warranty.

Posted: January 18, 2024

Source: Ultrafabrics