Inkcups To Exhibit At Impressions Expo With Apparel Decoration Technology

DANVERS, Mass.  — January 3, 2024 — Global printing industry supplier Inkcups are set to exhibit at the upcoming Impressions Expo taking place in Long Beach, Calif., January 19-21. Impressions is the decorated apparel industry’s premier expo and conference, and Inkcups will be showcasing its leading solutions for apparel pad printing on Booth 731.

Inkcups’ Tagless® printing products will be on display on the Inkcups Impressions booth, demonstrating the benefits of going tagless to the apparel community, which involves printing a care label or logo directly onto a garment. The B100 1-color tabletop care label printing machine is a high-speed, space efficient pad printing solution that has come to be regarded as the industry standard for tagless printing, while the B150 is designed for industrial grade applications capable of printing images up to 140mm (5.5 in) in diameter.

Also on display will be the 2200-PS 2-color care label printing machine featuring a Pad Slide mechanism for perfect second color registration, as well as the Brite label printing machine, a solution to the challenge of effective pad printing onto dark substrates. Finally, the Cobalt 2000 laser platemaker machine will round off the technology on the booth. This compact, computer-to-plate laser platemaker is an affordable option for those looking to bring plate making in-house.

The technology at a glance:

  • B100, a high-speed, one-color tabletop pad printing machine;
  • B150, a benchtop large image pad printer used for industrial-grade, 1-color applications;
  • 2200-PS, a two-color pad printing machine for apparel, promotional products, and more;
  • Brite, a care label printing machine designed for dark substrates; and
  • Cobalt 2000, a highly advanced laser platemaker.

Posted: January 3, 2024

Source: Inkcups