Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, The World Interlining, Leader Modernizes Its Historic Production Site La Lainière De Picardie

Historic production site La Lainière de Picardie

MILAN — January 29, 2024 — Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, the world’s interlinings leader, is celebrating the 120th anniversary of its historic Lainière de Picardie production site in Péronne, France, with the launch of a modernisation plan that aims to enhance the performance of its production lines and the quality of its products and reduce its environmental impact through investments in cutting-edge technology.

The modernization plan, launched in parallel with the 38th edition of Milano Unica, will be completed by December 2024. The project includes the replacement of looms with state-of-the-art new machines that are more efficient in terms of quality and energy savings. With a new finishing line which will also be installed, Chargeurs PCC will be able to provide clients with naturally softer and stable fabrics.

Gianluca Tanzi

Gianluca Tanzi, Chairman and CEO of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, commented: “Lainière de Picardie has over the years built up strong expertise with each team member standing as a specialist in their field. and focusing on innovation, to offer cutting-edge solutions that meet customers’ needs. Our mission is to build on this heritage, working on R&D and seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies to achieve ambitious goals in terms of quality and reduced environmental impact. Lainière de Picardie is the last major interlining manufacturer in Europe with a surface of 50,000 sqm and an annual production of more than 25 million metres. This European headquarter is fundamental for fashion players as it provides the solution to current logistical problems linked to disruptions in supply chains. The modernisation plan aspires to transform Lainière de Picardie, now the focal point of Chargeurs PCC’s production activities in France and Europe, into a sustainable 4.0 textile plant and it forms part of the company’s broader commitment to acting as a pioneer and game changer in the sustainable transformation of the textile industry.”

The modernization project also includes the complete MES (Manufacturing Execution System) connection with all machines for bidirectional communication for maximum efficiency and quality which, directly connected to digital continuous monitoring instruments, will measure the environmental footprint of the solutions to facilitate the planning of high-efficiency and low-energy production processes. In addition to the ROI in terms of production capacity and quality, these new investments will lead to a substantial reduction in waste and CO2 emissions.

Founded in 1903, Lainière de Picardie started out producing gimp, a special weave of horsehair and cotton. During the 1960s it specialised in the production of traditional wool interlining, becoming the leading expert in the sector. Having joined the Chargeurs group in the early 1980s, today Lainière de Picardie is one of Europe’s leading and most innovative producers of interlinings, which it manufactures through five processing stages: warping, knitting, finishing, coating, and inspection.  Its R&D department is constantly working on innovative and environmentally friendly new solutions.

Posted: January 29, 2024

Source: CHARGEURS PCC Fashion Technologies