New Chapter In Life At NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH

WALDKRAIBURG, Germany — September 2, 2023 — Their eyes were shining, and there was a smile on their mouths. In addition to the anticipation, the 19 young people were excited about the new phase of their lives ahead of them this Friday morning. As every year on September 1, also in 2023, numerous new apprentices started their careers at NETZSCH Pumps & Systems in Waldkraiburg.

In the coming years, they will take their first steps in everyday working life at the specialist for conveying complex media in eight different apprenticeships. In addition to apprentices as industrial clerk, industrial mechanics, technical product designers, IT specialists for application development and system integration, and specialists for warehouse logistics and process mechanics, there is also an industrial electronics technician.

The excitement and anticipation about the upcoming phase of their lives were literally written all over the faces of the new apprentices. Nevertheless, the new apprentices Alexander Reiter, Andreas Kapser, Anna Maria Tratzl, Benjamin Winterer, Claudia Kiefinger, Christoph Schönberger, Daniel Huber, Julia Holzner, Korbinian Grill, Leni Hargasser, Leo Schindler, Leon Schönfeld, Markus Tauschhuber, Martin Geisberger, Maurice Douma, Paul Hipetinger, Raphael Bleicher, Samuel Spitlbauer and Sebastian Hütter had to clarify a few organisational things before they could start into the upcoming weeks. Following the welcome by the trainers in the Wolfgang Netzsch Arena at the NETZSCH Campus in Waldkraiburg and an initial short training session, buttered pretzels and cool drinks were served in a relaxed atmosphere. After the break, the new apprentices met Jens Heidkötter, managing director of NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH. He addressed warm words to the new colleagues at the start of their new phase in life and was proud of the opportunities offered to the them.

“On behalf of the entire management, I would like to warmly welcome you. For the first time in the history of NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH, we are all working together at one location in Waldkraiburg, and you will also benefit from this fact. The NETZSCH Campus offers outstanding working conditions and guarantees training at the very highest level with our new, state-of-the-art training facility and the NETZSCH Future Hub, a separate learning and recreation area for the apprentices. Therefore, you will be optimally prepared for your future career. This is something you can look forward to”, says Heidkötter.

Afterwards, a short game to get to know each other as well as the trainers and the youth and trainee representatives, was on the agenda. The new apprentices couldn’t believe that the first day in their working life had already ended and the weekend was just around the corner – time to process the new impressions. Before they go to their respective departments on Monday afternoon, they will have lunch together and a tour around the NETZSCH Campus. Finally, the next highlight is just around the corner: The apprentices excursion. The bus will take them to Voestalpine in Linz before they turn the night into day at the Western theme park in Pullman City, where team building is the main focus.

Dear apprentices, welcome to the NETZSCH family, and good luck with the new phase of your life!

Posted: September 4, 2023

Source: NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH