Accelerating Circularity Launches The Alliance Of Chemical Textile Recycling (ACTR)

CAMPBELL HALL, N.Y. — September 28, 2023 — The mission of Accelerating Circularity is to create new supply chains and business models to turn textile waste into mainstream raw materials. Accelerating Circularity has created a working group, the Alliance of Textile Chemical Recycling (ACTR), to meet and address the textile industry with a common voice to facilitate accurate information on textile chemical recycling.

“We formed this collective to move chemical recycling technology forward, share common definitions, and address policies in a collaborative way to maximize the elimination of textile waste to landfills and incineration” explained Karla Magruder, Founder and President of Accelerating Circularity. “Chemical recycling technology has many benefits, including quality more similar to virgin fiber and the ability to recycle multiple times.”

ACTR plans to provide the industry with information on how textile chemical recycling can:

  • offer solutions for diverting textile waste to landfill;
  • enable textile to textile recycling versus incineration/landfill;
  • provide sustainably sourced/circular materials;
  • support brand/retailers/producers in achieving their CO2 reduction targets; and
  • provide long term price stability and consistent supply of raw materials versus virgin.

Members of the Alliance include founding members Eastman, Lenzing, and The LYCRA Company, as well as key innovators Circ®, Sappi, Renewcell, Infinited fiber, Worn Again Technologies, Gr3n, CuRe Technology, and OnceMore® from Sodra.

As a first step, the ACTR (Alliance of Chemical Textile Recycling) is introducing a dictionary of common terms developed to educate the industry on the chemical recycling of textiles.

Posted: September 28, 2023

Source: Accelerating Circularity