Polyurethane Dispersion Polymer Supplier C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Inc. Opens A Storefront On Knowde

SAN JOSE, Calif. — August 8, 2023 — C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Inc. has launched a storefront for its Hauthane polyurethane dispersion polymers on Knowde, a  digital marketing and sales platform built for the ingredients, polymers, and chemicals industry.

Hauthaway is a supplier of water-based, polyurethane dispersions for compounding coatings for architectural and industrial end-uses, including wood and concrete flooring, aerospace and automotive interior plastics, consumer electronics, film conversion and foil transfer, leather seating and garments, and flame-retardant finishes for textiles.

“We recognize the growing importance of the role that digital technology plays in our industry. Our storefront on Knowde gives us additional tools to support customers with our unique polymer development capabilities and our skilled and experienced applications support team,” said Bill Otterbein, vice president, Marketing and Sales, for C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Inc.

With Knowde, formulators and procurement professionals can search for the company’s Hauthane brand polyurethane dispersions and request documents, order samples, and access experts who can answer technical questions. Sign-up is always free for formulators and procurement professionals at www.knowde.com.

“Knowde offers cutting-edge solutions that power modern online customer experiences, create more effective opportunities for engagement, and unlock growth opportunities for suppliers,” said Dan Haas, chief commercial officer for Knowde.

Knowde makes it easier for suppliers like C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Inc. to reach and engage buyers, nurture leads, and capitalize on new business opportunities, all while lowering their cost of sales. Knowde offers sellers the technology they need to move online quickly to get in front of their target buyers, and advanced analytics to inform data-driven decision making.

Suppliers interested in having a storefront on Knowde can contact Haas at dan@knowde.com.

Posted: August 8, 2023

Source: Knowde