Milliken & Company Launches New CRM System Built On Salesforce

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — June 26, 2023 — Global diversified manufacturer Milliken & Company successfully launched an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Spark, last month, built on the foundation of Salesforce and with the help of Salesforce partner eVerge. Milliken’s Spark represents a new strategic enabler for the company as part of its ongoing digital transformation efforts.

More than 100 Milliken team members collaborated with eVerge Group to envision and implement the Spark platform, built on Salesforce technology. The project converted seven independent CRM systems within Milliken into a single enterprise solution. Spark offers more than 30 integrations with other systems, including SAP, and currently has 1,200 Milliken users across its corporate entity and four business divisions.

“Milliken’s Spark platform, built on Salesforce technology, represents our company’s largest agile implementation to date, and my sincerest congratulations go to this team for making it happen,” says David Smart, Milliken’s chief financial officer and chief information officer. “With their efforts, Milliken is future ready with a CRM solution that combines automation and best-in-class technology to serve our entire organization.”

Milliken partnered with award-winning technology consulting firm and Salesforce partner eVerge Group to execute the Spark project. eVerge Group worked alongside Milliken associates from the U.S., India and the U.K. to complete the first fully remote, enterprise-wide implementation with minimal business impacts. Using Salesforce as the backbone system, Milliken and eVerge Group tailored that platform with both standard and custom applications.

“eVerge Group was excited to partner with Milliken on the Spark project,” shared Mayank Srivastava, vice president of Architecture and Solutions for eVerge Group. “Our team specializes in advanced, technology-driven solutions, complementing the Milliken implementation team throughout the project timeline. Together, we were able to bring a strong, data-driven platform to the table to enable future success for Milliken.”

“We are confident that Spark is the solution that will shape and support the Milliken customer experience for years to come,” adds Danna Vetter, Milliken’s chief marketing officer. “It’s one more way we will impact our customer experience to drive meaningful growth.”

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Posted: June 26, 2023

Source: Milliken & Company