JEC Forum Italy: 5 Finalists To Pitch At Startup Booster Contest

PARIS — May 10, 2023 — The JEC Composites Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of composites and advanced materials, enabling companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry. Launched in 2017, JEC Composites Startup Booster has already fostered the emergence of 900+ innovative projects from 60+ countries, 80 finalists and 25 winners, including Arevo, Continuous Composites, CompPair, Fortify, FibreCoat and Vartega among others.

Entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups and academic spinoffs building innovative composite and advanced materials projects, based in Italy could send their application until April 16th. Among them, 5 finalists have just been announced:

  • Graphene-XT

Research and development of eco-friendly nanomaterials-based coatings

Graphene-XT is a startup that develops and produces high quality graphene. Through a multifunctional approach it provides new and better functionalities to conventional products. Graphene-XT uses graphene for several applications: composites, lubricants, membranes, sensors, coatings, inks, paints. Graphene-XT patented technology produces graphene with a liquid phase exfoliation process that allows producing high-quality graphene consisting of 50% of monolayers and 50% of few layers. His aims to identify tailor-made solutions for business. The team’s know-how includes academic, industrial and managerial skills and that is why Graphene-XT can operate in different industrial sectors. Graphene-XT strictly collaborate with his customers to improve product’s characteristics and design personalized solutions.

  • Hikari

All you need is green

Hikari® offers new eco-sustainable composite materials and technologies with the aim of creating real and lasting benefits. The high performance of composites allows achieving the same performance as traditional materials while significantly reducing the amount of material needed. In Hikari’s natural composites, petroleum-based components that form the basis of traditional composites have been replaced with elements derived from circular and renewable sources. GMC®, for example, significantly reduces the environmental impact of its production by halving its carbon footprint compared to traditional composite materials (BMC and SMC).

  • MAch3D

MaCh3D simplifies Materials’ quality assessment enabling on-site out-of-laboratory Material Testing

For Additive Manufacturing industries, and all the manufacturers transforming raw materials into final products, willing to monitor and improve their processes, MaCh3D offers a Smart Material Testing platform made of an innovative hardware, extremely compact allowing an easier, safer and faster testing procedure, and a cloud platform for centralized storage and manipulation of results, enhanced by artificial intelligence for processes control and materials and processes optimization.

  • Recarbon

One-stop Solution in Circular Economy for Carbon Fiber

RECARBON gives new value to carbon fiber wastes, creating, producing, and offering innovative ready-to-use intermediate products based on recycled carbon fiber. RECARBON has developed a functional approach for manufacturing products in the form of both thermoplastic Organosheets, thermoset Prepregs, and sandwich panels, with different combination of skins and cores.

  • SphereCube

Printer Better Faster Stronger

SphereCube is developing an innovative 3D printer for high-performance composite materials. Thanks to the patented extruder, SphereCube is able to process thermoset resins and continuous reinforcements. This allows the manufacturing of high-performance composite components in a totally automated way for aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, biomedical and sport sectors.

They will join JEC Forum Italy to pitch in front of a jury composed of industry experts and materials investors including:

  • Stefano CORVAGLIA, R&D Manager and IP Manager, Leonardo SpA
  • Attilio MASINI, R&D Composites Materials & Technologies Center, Automobili Lamborghini
  • Caterina MEGLIO, CEO, Materias
  • Alessia GENNARO, Investment Analyst, Eureka ! Venture SGR
  • Paolo TARCHIONI, Group Chief Innovation, CSR & Quality Officer, Biesse Group

Following the pitch session, the jury will choose a winner that will be automatically selected among the 20 finalists of Startup Booster at JEC World 2024 (5-7 March).

Posted: May 12, 2023

Source: JEC Group