Meryl Fabrics® To Headline An International Textiles Forum On Environmental Solutions Now Available

CONGLETON, England — April 13, 2023 — A multi-award-winning pioneer in hi-tech materials eliminating the use of fresh water, reducing pollutants and providing fully reusable fabrics with the first in-house circular solution offering in textiles, Meryl Fabrics® will lead a global textile webinar program exploring how fabric selection can deliver the circular economy in workwear manufacturing.

Meryl Fabrics has been invited by the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®) to join other esteemed leaders to share their knowledge to help solve the sustainability problem of professional clothing. Businesses wishing to gain insights from the information provided can register for a free-to-attend webinar, which will go live at 2:30 pm (BST) on Friday, April 21, 2023.

Nisha Muire, Uniform Program manager for Air Canada and Karen Sparrow, director for Red Sparrow Consulting, will join the webinar as guest speakers discussing the versatile applications of the Meryl Fabrics sustainable textiles.

Stanley Russell, owner and director of APT Fabrics, will join the webinar to discuss the technological breakthrough in circular fabric solutions, which removes the need for water, chemicals and solvents in the textile dyeing process whilst preventing the problem of microplastic shedding.

Jamie Meigham, CEO and co-founder of Uplift360, will also speak on the webinar to help evaluate the price vs cost point of view in the tender process and how changing how we consider lifetime cost can help to justify spending on the quality that lasts.

Peter Broom, co-founder and director of Meryl Fabrics, said: “Our company is on a mission to lead a radical environmental change in the materials used in the textile industry, starting from a molecular quality structure to provide fully reusable innovative yarns and fabrics with zero microplastic pollution.

“We are in a privileged position to be able to support businesses in making the transition to achieving circularity in their workwear procurement and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge base.”

To obtain more information on the complimentary webinar and register for the event, visit:-

Meryl Fabrics celebrated in 2022 a record year for awards after chalking up an impressive 11 winner, highly commended and finalist trophies presented by international and UK bodies in recognition of their firm’s significant achievements in achieving sustainability with textile innovation. And following this, the pioneering firm has secured another four major finalist accolades in the first quarter of 2023.

Most notably, the firm was named Winner of the Circular and Recycling Award, National Sustainability Awards 2022; Winner – of the Industry Award for Sustainability, Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd. (PCIAW) and Winner of the Sustainability Award, Med-Tech Innovation 2022.

Driven by problem-solving, the award-winning Meryl Fabrics uses hydrogen technology to enhance the molecular structure of fibres, seal-in microplastics within the yarn and improve the durability of garments. Their continual innovation in Meryl® Eco Dye offers a waterless dyeing process, saving thousands of litres of water during fabric manufacture as they re-engineer the presence of apparel. Meryl Fabrics seeks to replace cotton with its exceptionally soft touch fabrics that feature natural stretch and moisture management properties designed to be recycled and offer other businesses a fully circular model in one place.

Posted: April 13, 2023

Source: Meryl Fabrics®