The 59th Edition Of Filo Closes With Very Positive Results

BIELLA, Italy — March 2, 2023 — The 59th edition of Filo, the International Yarns and Fibres Exhibition, closed today closed today with excellent results. High satisfaction among the booths during the two days of hard work has been registered, with a constant flow of Italian and foreign buyers.

The fil rouge of the 59th edition was represented by three issues which were mutually linked, standing for the challenge but also the great opportunity for current and future textile industry: sustainability, traceability, and supply chain. This has been the focus of the opening ceremony, which saw Alan Garosi, co-owner of Fulgar Group and Pompea, as special guest.

Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, states: “The 59th edition of Filo has closed with positive results. The exhibition is increasing in numbers and contents, along a path which makes Filo a working platform for both visitors and exhibitors, a place to exchange ideas and projects, and collaborations that start and grow. This growth is coming first from the trust given by the exhibitors to Filo, to the quality and the innovation’s capability of the collections proposed at Filo. On the other hand, it also comes from the constant growth in numbers and quality of exhibitors participating in the exhibition, especially the foreign ones. Being focused on supply chain means offering space and importance to the collaborations. During the opening ceremony, we have heard the speech by Alan Garosi, co-owner of Fulgar Group and Pompea, who gave us clear ideas about sustainability, traceability, and collaborations within the supply chain, which we strongly believe in.

Filo has always proved to be open to any kind of synergy and collaboration, aiming at supporting both the companies and the exhibitors. We have always pursed this idea and we are still pursuing it today. Thanks to Alan Garosi’s speech, an intense debate between exhibitors and visitors arose during the two days at the exhibition, concerning the re-use, the recycling, and the sustainability in the textile industry, up to traceability and supply chain; the goal is to be ready to deal with the continuous changes and needs distinguishing our industry. As far as collaborations are concerned, I would like to highlight some news of the 59th edition of Filo, linked to sustainability. The first one is the launch of the new service dedicated to the companies – ‘Sustainability from A to Z’ – that we have carried out together with C.L.A.S.S. by Giusy Bettoni: it aims at helping the companies orienting themselves in sustainability and traceability’s world, showing the good practices to reduce production impact on environment and society.

The second one deals with ZDHC Award, an acknowledgment given to Filo’s exhibitors that stood out for chemicals’ management: it is a project that we will continue to propose in next editions too in collaboration with ZDHC. Sustainability has been also at the core of “Dialoghi di Confronto”, which enabled us to better understand original experiences of cooperation among various players of the supply chain, involving start-ups and well-established companies, in a compact vision of the textile industry. The longstanding collaboration with ITA Agency- Rome is particularly important to Filo; for the 59th edition, the Agency organised the visit of a delegation made up of about 50 operators coming from 16 countries: Chile, South Korea, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Jordan, India, Peru, U.K., Spain, South Africa, the USA, Switzerland, Turkey, and Uganda.

The collaboration of Filo with Piedmont Regional Government resulted to be very effective, too; indeed, the research carried out by Ceipiemonte, Piedmont Agency, promoting business abroad in favour of Piedmont’s companies and the attraction of investment on the territory, commissioned by Piedmont Regional Government, entitled ‘The challenge of the Iberian textile industry between competitive advantages and global risks for Made in Spain and Portugal fashion: which are the opportunities for Italian companies?’, has drawn high attention during the ‘Dialoghi di Confronto’ in the second day of the exhibition.”

Mr. Monfermoso concludes: “The two days of the 59th edition of Filo have been rich in meetings and professional exchanges, hints for style and discussion. From tomorrow on, we are going to start working for September’s edition, that will mark an important milestone for Filo: the 60th edition.”

The 60th Filo edition in scheduled to be held in September the 20th and 21st, 2023 at Allianz MiCo-Milan.

Posted: March 2, 2023

Source: Filo