Capstone Green Energy Receives New Orders From German Distributor E-Quad For A Textile Finishing Company And An Offshore Gas Platform

LOS ANGELES — January 9, 2023 — Capstone Green Energy Corp., announced that E-quad Power Systems GmbH, Capstone’s long-time distributor for Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, has secured two new orders. The first is an order for a C200S microturbine-based combined heat and power (CHP) system for a leading textile finishing company. The second order is for four 65kW high-pressure natural gas (HPNG), dual mode (DM), high humidity offshore systems for an offshore gas production company with assets in the North Sea that is a loyal Capstone customer.

The C200S microturbine-based CHP system is for textile finishing company Gerhard van Clewe GmbH & Co.KG, based in Hamminkeln, Germany. The system is expected to be commissioned in May 2023 and will be fueled by high-pressure natural gas. The C200S will provide up to 200kW of electricity to the plant, while the exhaust produced by the microturbine will be captured for use in the material drying process as well as the production of warm water for the facility.

The company first considered microturbine technology due to rising electricity costs compared to the low cost of natural gas. As a company with a sustainability mission, they also valued the high efficiency and emissions reduction that a CHP system delivers.

“Between the cost savings and environmental benefits, we are especially excited to be a development partner in this first-of-its-kind application,” said Ansgar van Clewe, principle at Gerhard van Clewe. “Given the technology’s ready availability and Capstone’s good reputation in the space, we felt comfortable working with their distributor E-quad Power Systems.”

The four C65 offshore systems will be deployed with an existing Capstone offshore gas exploration customer who is an advocate for sustainable energy sources. They strongly believe that until there are sufficient sustainable alternatives available, the use of natural gas is an effective method to reduce CO2 output immediately. Natural gas can therefore provide an optimal contribution towards providing climate neutral energy.

“The Capstone Green Energy microturbine-based CHP systems have proven time and again to be tremendously beneficial across the manufacturing space, providing reliable, highly efficient power, but also fulfilling facility heating, drying and cooling needs, which has the added benefit of lowering facility emissions,” said Darren Jamison, CEO of Capstone Green Energy.

“Capstone’s green energy solutions align perfectly with the needs of the oil and gas industry and are currently used in all phases of production, including upstream, midstream, and downstream operations in both onshore and offshore applications. Capstone’s technology provides the low operational cost, high availability, and high-reliability global energy producers need, particularly in a world where energy prices are not likely to be dropping any time soon,” Jamison concluded.

Posted: January 9, 2023

Source: Capstone Green Energy