COTTON USA™ Celebrates U.S. Cotton’s Value And Impact On World Cotton Day

WASHINGTON — October 7, 2022 — Today, World Cotton Day, COTTON USA™ celebrates the many advantages of cotton and U.S. cotton’s impact on the global cotton community. From seed to garment, COTTON USA’s dedication to quality and transparency positively impacts the cotton industry at every stage.

“From its qualities as a natural fiber, to the benefits of its production, U.S. cotton plays an important role in the global supply chain,” stated Bruce Atherley, executive director of Cotton Council International. “Our ability to pair the highest quality cotton with expertise on best-in-class production techniques has built a deep trust with our mill and manufacturer partners that ultimately benefits the industry. Alongside the cotton community, we celebrate cotton’s influence and our global cooperation within the ecosystem.”

COTTON USA growers are committed to raising the bar for responsible farming methods and improving the environment for future generations. These committed U.S. cotton farmers provide unmatched quality and transparency, while leveraging innovative farming techniques that positively impact the environment and the global supply chain. With new technologies, precision agriculture, and rigorous fair labor practices, U.S. cotton has led the way to a greener, kinder world for years.

To further showcase its commitment to the global cotton industry, COTTON USA offers a leading technical consultancy designed to take mills and manufacturers to the next level of success through COTTON USA SOLUTIONS. The consultancy offers five business-building programs designed by experts and informed by work with more than 1,500 mills in 50 countries. Programs are complimentary for U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® members or COTTON USA licensees.

COTTON USA is honored to be a part the global cotton community’s celebration of World Cotton Day. To learn more about World Cotton Day, please visit Follow #WorldCottonDay on social media and join the global conversation.

Posted: October 7, 2022