TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer Onsite At AATCC Textile Discovery Summit Digitally Captures The Way Fabric Feels

LEIPZIG, Germany — September 4, 2022 — What if you could quickly and objectively determine the haptics of textiles and nonwovens, digitize the findings, and use the results to compare remote samples or reproduce the results using locally sourced materials? The TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer paves the way for this possibility by delivering reliable results that correspond very closely with the results from traditional hand-panel testing methods. During the Summit, emtec Global Marketing and Business Development Manager Alexander Gruener will be onsite to provide a hands-on demonstration and explain the measuring principle behind the device.

“Similar to the human hand, the TSA is able to detect minuscule variations in a fabric’s surface and judge whether the object is soft or hard, smooth or rough, stiff or flexible,” Gruener explained. “But unlike the human hand, the TSA is also able to differentiate between haptic parameters and precisely measure these differences. Human perception is only able to arrive at an overall impression of softness, the so-called handfeel.”

The traditional method for determining softness has long been based on the results of hand-panel testing, in which touch experts rank samples and calculate an average over several rankings. This method is usually time-consuming, and the individual results often vary widely. In contrast, the TSA has proven its potential as a portable, reliable substitute in that its results consistently correlate with hand-panel results, yet it fits inside a suitcase.

The AATCC Textile Discovery Summit is an annual, multi-day event featuring educational presentations from industry leaders and academic experts, interactive networking receptions, a showroom for innovative products and processes, information on the latest trends in textiles, and more. emtec Electronic will participate as exhibitor, and will give TSA insights during the Boxed Lunch-Exhibitor Summit Session on October 5th at University/Glenwaters at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte.

Posted: September 5, 2022

Source: emtec Electronic GmbH