Moonlight Technologies Introduces 100-Percent Plant-Based And Natural Black Dyes

NEW YORK CITY — July 12, 2022 — Today, Moonlight Technologies announced a major breakthrough and the launch of its new 100-percent plant-based and natural black dyes. This breakthrough comes only months after Moonlight Technologies first announced the launch of its five new, sustainable, plant-based technologies, including a range of natural dyes.

Two of the major impediments in adopting natural dyes is the limited color range, specifically the inability to use a natural black dye, and the expensive cost associated with natural dyes.

“This is a major breakthrough for us as well as other businesses and consumers who are passionate about sustainability and interested in adopting natural dyes,” said Allie Sutton, CEO of Moonlight Technologies. “Until now, most natural dyes only offered a limited color range and no black colors so if you wanted black, you needed to resort to unnatural, synthetic dyes, which in many cases are not environmentally friendly.”

Humans are exposed to the synthetic chemicals of unnatural dyes through the air, skin, and water, and even through eating exposed fish and plants. Because most synthetic dyes are not biodegradable, the dying process may discharge many harmful chemicals through the release of polluted water, which can result in the death of aquatic life, the ruining of soils, and the poisoning of drinking water.

While priced competitively to other synthetic powdered dyes, these plant-based and natural black dyes are sustainably derived, non-toxic, biodegradable and can be applied to any fabric type – both synthetic and natural via standard manufacturing processes. Moonlight Technologies’ product lifecycle is better than carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative.

Posted: July 12, 2022

Source: Moonlight Technologies/