EFI Reggiani Supports Its Continued Digital Growth And Innovation In Green With Ground-Breaking For New, State-Of-The-Art Campus

GRASSOBIO, Italy — July 19, 2022 — EFI™ Reggiani, the industrial textile printing business of printing technology company Electronics For Imaging Inc. (EFI), has broken ground on a new textile campus to accommodate ongoing growth. The new 20,000-square-meter campus in Comun Nuovo, Bergamo, Italy, is expected to be completed midyear in 2023.

“EFI Reggiani has always worked diligently to take our offerings to the next level, thinking ahead and developing high-tech, high-quality and reliable textile solutions,” said EFI Reggiani Senior Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “The new campus is an important step in our journey, and it is proof of EFI’s strong commitment to continued development of the textiles business unit. Not only will this provide us more space to continue our growth, but it will also be a welcoming and sustainable environment for our employees.”

Sustainability and employee well-being at the center

The new facility was designed with environmental sustainability and employee well-being in mind. That focus includes plans to install 400 kilowatts of solar panels supplying 60 percent of the facility’s total energy requirements. Moreover, the building will benefit from superior thermal insulation that will ensure a reduction in heating and cooling costs. Numerous skylights in the facility will provide better natural lighting and a reduction in artificial lighting usage.

Green space on the campus was a priority in the design process, covering an estimated 20 percent of the total area. For a more welcoming work environment, the campus will also feature a canteen and gymnasium for employee use.

A 3,000-square-metre demo center in the new facility will be nearly twice as large as the current EFI Reggiani demo centre in Grassobbio, Italy, offering a high-end, high-tech showcase for state-of-the-art EFI Reggiani printers, as well as Mezzera pre- and post-treatment and Jaeggli yarn treatment products. The demo centre will also feature EFI Reggiani’s recently acquired portfolio of Inèdit raster image processing (RIP) and workflow software solutions.

Transforming the textile industry through innovation in green

Since the launch of its first analogue printer, to its newest digital solutions, EFI Reggiani has at its core a heritage and expertise that have contributed to the transformation of the textile industry worldwide. With its total commitment to providing “Innovation in Green,” EFI Reggiani’s leadership is the result of extensive research targeted at improving productivity, quality and sustainability in its customers’ operations. Building on Reggiani’s 75+ year legacy, the company is focused on optimising the textile manufacturing process — and reducing energy use, water consumption and overall environmental impact — to ensure customers’ business growth and profitability.

Over the years, EFI Reggiani’s product portfolio has continued to expand, ranging from rotary and flatbed printing machines, to scanning/multi-pass digital printers, to the world’s fastest digital textile printer — an award-winning EFI Reggiani BOLT single-pass inkjet printer that operates at 90 meters per minute. Additional leading-edge, best-in-class solutions in the portfolio include the world’s fastest scanning printer for textile, an EFI Reggiani HYPER model that can output up to 20 linear metres per minute at peak speed.

Known for high quality, flexibility and reliability, EFI Reggiani is also an innovator in ink — a recognized leader as one of the only companies to manufacture the full range of inks used in industrial textile manufacturing.

For more information about advanced EFI Reggiani technologies for textile production, visit www.efi.com/reggiani.

Posted: July 19, 2022

Source: EFI™ Reggiani