Schumacher Announces Exclusive US Partnership With Boråstapeter

NEW YORK — June 22, 2022 — Schumacher, the venerable American design house, announces a partnership with Boråstapeter, one of Scandinavia’s most legendary wallpaper companies. As of late spring 2022, Schumacher will be the exclusive distributor across North America for Boråstapeter’s original designs.

Like Schumacher, Boråstapeter has been a leader in the design industry for more than one hundred years. However, while both companies have been known to tap into the past by bringing out classical designs, their thrust is to be forward thinking, to anticipate trends and to bring exceptional designs to their customer that are just right for contemporary living and will positively impact people’s homes and lives. Both brands are relentlessly committed to craftsmanship and innovation, honoring age-old techniques while always pushing the needle forward.

Boråstapeter’s livable motifs and Scandi-forward patterns that range from the charming to the chic will sit perfectly alongside the Schumacher portfolio and augment the brand’s kaleidoscopic offerings to their clients.

“When design is well rooted, both locally, historically and in its time, wonderful things arise, whether it happens in Sweden or in the United States. The love of excellent interior design is universal,” Boråstapeter Head of Design Sissa Sundling.

“Boråstapeter’s portfolio of wallpapers is incredibly diverse, but each pattern – whether it’s naïve and charming, exuberant, and contemporary, modern, and edgy, pretty, and traditional – pushes the limits to achieve great design that people want to be surrounded by. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with a company that shares so many of the same values as Schumacher,” says Dara Caponigro, Chief Creative Officer of F. Schumacher & Co., the parent company of Schumacher.

All Boråstapeter’s goods are sustainably made across their entire production chain—from the responsibly managed forests and water-based dyes that comprise their raw materials to the recyclable packaging in which the wallpapers ship. Their facilities are powered entirely by renewable energy, and they operate their own water- treatment plant.

Posted: June 22, 2022

Source: Schumacher