Verdant Innovations Enters The Market With New Line Of Green Specialty Chemicals

SPANISH FORT, Ala. — May 16, 2022 — In response to wide ranging changes in the specialty chemical innovation space and the requirements for green and sustainable consumer products, Verdant Innovations introduces its first line of specialty green sustainable chemicals initially focused on pulp, textiles, nonwovens and hemp industries.

The new company, wholly owned by Cellulose Solutions, will distribute all green solutions as the company creates additional chemical solutions to meet the needs of all clients participating in the manufacturing and delivery of consumer products.

“The mission of Verdant Innovations is to provide chemical formulations created uniquely for individual product types and to assist brands, retailers and manufacturers to deliver safer products for humankind and our environment,” stated Allan P. Short, president and founder of both Cellulose Solutions and Verdant Innovations.

Verdant Innovations chemicals are formulated using plants, soil and natural energy from the earth’s resources and are designed for a circular economy — from manufacturing and treatments to replacement back into the earth void of all known and suspected hazardous components.

“The time has come for all companies to start to invest in the safety of the public and to provide a world for future generations. Our cost-effective innovation can replace all or a portion of a company’s chemicals to meet their own sustainability and green initiatives,” Short continued.

“Hemp is a strong focus for Verdant Innovations working with farmers to provide higher production to meet the needs of the nonwoven and textile industries. Through innovative solutions created by the company’s chemists, scientists, and engineers, we have a highly tested and quality solution for hemp manufacturers to deliver sustainable and clean products”, states Verdant Solutions VP Product Development Satish Hodage.

The Verdant Innovations launch includes a new branded website, a new website for Cellulose Solutions, new branding and logos, and established partnerships and memberships focused on the textiles, nonwovens, and hemp industries. One of those strategic memberships is with the SEAMS Association. The company joined SEAMS earlier this year and will participate in the SEAMS “Supply Chain USA” Pavilion this week at Texprocess Americas in Atlanta.

“I am thrilled to have Cellulose Solutions and Verdant Innovations join our SEAMS community and exhibit in our Pavilion this year. They offer a unique and strategic solution for many of our members as we strive as an organization to deliver sustainability across the supply chain,” stated Will Duncan, managing director of SEAMS.

Posted: May 16, 2022

Source: Verdant Innovations