JEC World 2022 Exhibitor Preview: Composite Integration

SALTASH, England — April 25, 2022 — JEC World is one of the most influential composites exhibitions worldwide and will be held at Paris, Nord Villepinte May 3-5, 2022. This year Composite Integration will be exhibiting on stand J23 in hall 5 and is excited to be presenting the next generation of Ciject machine.

The  Ciject  range includes innovative equipment for delivering mixed resin within RTM, VRTM and Infusion processes. The equipment is produced with award-winning design and the highest quality engineering, creating a range widely acknowledged for being the most sophisticated in the market.  The Ciject range is available worldwide, with equipment being supplied through a strong network of over 15 distributors. Composite Integration continue to grow their distributor network and seek further new partnerships in selected countries.

The key fundamentals of the latest Ciject Two machine are ease of use, reducing risk and increasing accuracy. One of the options for this machine is flow meters, which by integrating in to the resin and hardener circuits, the Ciject Two accurately monitors the volume of material being pumped by the machine to ensure that the mixed material is at the correct ratio. The operator is able to see on the screen what the ratio has been set to and if during the injection ratio drifts, the machine will raise an alarm. To complement this option, the new and improved software allows comprehensive configuration of recipes and improved datalogging for quality assurance and process analysis. This allows the user to have greater control of the entire process.

Another key feature is the ability for the system to interact with either external or on-board material tanks. This enables the user to store material under vacuum and precondition materials at required temperatures, all controlled from one central point. These features further develop the core principles of the Ciject Two and create a more comprehensive yet flexible control platform for composites technology, whilst retaining a simple format for the end user.

Composite Integration has identified that there is a gap between basic meter-mixing systems and bespoke large scale infusions systems — the latest Ciject Two fills this gap. The Ciject Two is already recognized for its proven technology across a variety of sectors, and this latest addition is targeted specifically towards manufacturers who require precision control and verification, with the flexibility to be used for RTM, LRTM and Infusion processes within one machine.

The  Ciject  Two range is capable of processing epoxy, polyester, vinylester and phenolic resin systems, with low-cost conversion kits to enable a quick and easy change between material types. The ability to work with a variety of closed mold processes  and be used to manufacture parts from less than 1kg shot size to large structures greater than 1000kg,  places the Ciject Two as the most versatile machine in the market.

Alongside the Ciject Two the team will also be presenting a 1/3 scale mold of a highly complex 5 seater helicopter fuselage. The innovation in this project involved Composite Integration pushing the boundaries of traditional composite processes alongside Hill Helicopters to developed multiple tooling and process techniques to manufacture a highly complex 5 seat single turbine helicopter fuselage, as a single molding without bonded joints. Recent recognition of this work includes selection as one of three finalists in the JEC Composites Innovation Awards – Aerospace Application category.

Posted: April 25, 2022

Source: Composite Integration