US Lighting Group Forms Futuro Houses LLC, A Manufacturer Of Fiberglass Pre-Fab Off-Grid Houses, To Diversify Its Products And Markets

EUCLID, Ohio — March 1, 2022 — US Lighting Group Inc., announced today it created Futuro Houses, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary, to meet the fast growing demands for affordable housing. Futuro Houses offers a self-sufficient, cost-effective, energy efficient housing solution for an off-grid lifestyle. Futuro Houses, with its revolutionary designs and state-of-the-art wood-free fiberglass and carbon fiber composite construction, perfectly fits into a market looking for longer lasting, futuristic material houses in a smaller footprint with the amenities of a traditional home.

“US Lighting Group’s management team is driving its 2022 strategic plan through market diversification. Extending our business into new markets, with new products is key to our growth and expansion. We are continually looking for ways to improve our bottom line and market diversification is helping to make this happen,” said Anthony Corpora, CEO and president of the US Lighting Group.

“Also, engineering a futuristic house with our core competencies in molded fiberglass and marine products shows how diverse we are in the use of fiberglass composites. We designed the first Futuro house to be extremely environmentally friendly, comfortable with a spacious living space, and highly energy efficient,” Corpora continued.

Futuro Houses employs the same lightweight fiberglass composite materials, marine gelcoats, windows, and Furrion appliances currently used in the manufacture of 100-percent molded fiberglass RV travel trailers by its sister company, Cortes Campers. Utilizing the same materials with which Cortes Campers is already manufacturing, gives the company multiple advantages in volume purchasing power, production efficiencies, and gains in economies of scale with more cost-effective production.

Futuro Houses first design is reminiscent of the UFO house designed by Finnish architect, Matti Suuronen, in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the original company went out of business due to multiple factors including windows that did not open, plus the original design was too cumbersome to ship cost effectively.

Futuro Houses has made major improvements by incorporating Cortes Campers RV double-pane acrylic windows that open. Futuro Houses has overcome the challenge of shipping the UFO house worldwide, by redesigning the entire shape of the house to fit inside an international shipping container. Like Cortes Campers, Futuro Houses does not use any wood in its construction, only 100% molded fiberglass, which will far outlast any traditional house made from wood.

Posted: March 2, 2022

Source: US Lighting Group, Inc.