YKK Reports 20-Percent Decrease In GHG Emissions; Releases “This is YKK 2021″

TOKYO  — December 1, 2021 — YKK Corp. has released “This is YKK 2021,” an integrated report which highlights the company’s progress on medium-term management strategies, value creation aimed at long-term sustainable growth, and sustainability initiatives. The information is presented as a narrative woven around the YKK Philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness” and management principles that have been passed down within the company since the days of its Founder Tadao Yoshida.

In April 2021, YKK underwent global restructuring to better achieve the goals of its new Mid-term Business Policy, “Sustainable growth under the new normal.” “This is YKK 2021,” which reports both financial and non-financial information and the mid- and long-term aims of YKK’s Fastening Business, is part of the company’s efforts under this new policy to further engage with stakeholders.

Detailed data about YKK’s progress on ESG goals has been published in a supplemental “Data Book.” The Data Book showcases YKK’s progress on the YKK Sustainability Vision 2050, the company’s roadmap for achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Targets were set for five themes — climate change, material resources, water resources, chemical management, and respect people. FY2020 achievements include:

Climate Change

  • 20% reduction in Scope 1, 2 GHG emissions (from a 2018 baseline);
  • 36% reduction in Scope 3 GHG emissions (from a 2018 baseline); and
  • Greenhouse gas reduction target for FY2030 certified by SBTi as aligned with “1.5°C target.”

Material Resources

  • 88-percent increase in sales of NATULON® series of recycled zippers (year-on-year);
  • Landfill waste reduced by 2,700 tons (year-on-year); and
  • Production recycling increased to 82.3 percent.

Water Resources

  • 18-percent reduction in total water intake by all manufacturing sites (year-on-year).

Chemical Management

  • Strengthened in-house standards and surveyed 792 suppliers on their compliance;
  • Completed renewal of OEKO-TEX® certification for YKK® products at 40 companies; and
  • Expanded AcroPlating®, a new propriety plating technology for brass that eliminates the harmful chemicals used in traditional electroplating

Respect People

  • Conducted YKK Global Criteria of Compliance audit at all major manufacturing facilities

Posted December 1, 2021

Source: YKK Corp.