Dunmore Launches New Universal Tamper Evident Label Films

BRISTOL, Pa. — December 8, 2021 — Dunmore, a Steel Partners company announced today the launch of new tamper evident label films. These tamper evident label films are used to prevent tampering and provides an extra layer of brand protection brand. The new security features consist of four new tamper evident designs, which are universally known around the world. This allows label printers to hold fewer SKUs while still conveying the appropriate message when a product is tampered with.

Dunmore’s new line of security label films consists of 4 unique security designs. Each pattern is intended to protect the product and make it obvious when a label was tampered with. The new product options include universal designs and a multi-language option, so it can clearly be seen that the label has been tampered, no matter the location in the world. The security label films are 2 mil white polyester (PET) based products with proprietary release technology and a print receptive surface. The tamper evident feature is hidden until the label is peeled away from the surface. The surface will show the distinct security feature embedded in the label film.

In addition to the critical security features, the new security films have a print receptive surface. The film is compatible with printers such as flexo, offset, gravure, screen, thermal transfer, and UV inkjet. The printable surface provides excellent ink adhesion, print resolution, and consistent printing results run-to-run. While our new tamper evident film products are white, the new security features can be integrated into a silver label.

The new security labels can be used for a variety of applications and the release technology is compatible with many pressure sensitive adhesives. Some common applications include barcode tracking, drug closures, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) labels, and thermal transfer labels.

According to Gabe Maxwell, Dunmore’s director of sales & marketing, “Dunmore is excited to offer new tamper evident labels to the market. We understand the importance of brand protection for OEMs and we have new security features that help solve this global issue.”

Posted December 8, 2021

Source: Dunmore