O-Zone, The Creative Side Of Ozone — The New Dimension Of Garment Finishing According To Tonello

SARCEDO, Italy— October 26, 2021 — Thinking outside the box and even denying its existence is our attitude, appreciated by customers and partners who believe in our dreams and share the same “lateral” and creative approach to technology and innovation.

This is why we are particularly excited to present O-Zone, a new garment finishing project signed by Tonello and developed together with our friends at Candiani Denim, a leading brand in the denim industry, also known as “the greenest mill in the Blue World”.

O-Zone, just presented at Kingpins 24, represents for us a new leap in quality and an important step in the growth of our range of ozone processes, which are born from direct experience, research and a deeper knowledge of technology. A background of know-how that is progressively imposing Tonello as an absolute reference point in this field.

First with ECOfree2, then with SaniCare and OBleach, now with O-Zone, we are defining the state of the art of ozone finishing and taking it to its maximum expression in every field of application: creation of special effects, garment sanitization, cleaning and reduction of water consumption, etc…

But what is O-Zone?

At first glance it is similar to a cabinet.

A special cabinet, however, inside which the garments are placed and treated, through an innovative, sustainable, responsible process.

A process that is also flexible, fast, safe and fully controllable by a touch screen that allows you to easily set all the desired parameters to obtain unique and customizable aesthetics, such as localized discoloration and lightening, sun-faded looks and degradé effects.

O-Zone is designed for small productions and is ideal for doing experiments and research directly on the garment, quickly verifying the result.

According to Candiani

“Tonello new O-Zone cabinet is the perfect demonstration on how research and collaboration between leading companies can result in true innovation, always driven by sustainability.

As Candiani Denim garment R&D department, we had the pleasure of collaboration on the birth, developing and tuning of this new technology.

Results are simply amazing, it’s a success achieved thanks to a shared vision, shared philosophy, and natural complementarity between our two companies.

We can say without any doubt that we opened the path to a new way ozone can be applied. In fact, O-Zone allows us to get completely new and sustainable washing effects and discolorations.

This project represent present and future of our philosophy and it will be a huge evolution of denim treatment.”

Yes, we agree: nothing like this has been seen before.

And the path to responsible innovation has only just begun!

Posted October 26, 2021

Source: Tonello S.r.l.