Meryl Medical Expands Its Range And Continues To Innovate With New Lines

CONGLETON, England — September 20, 2021 — Meryl Medical,  a hi-tech textile manufacturer that produces environmentally sustainable fabrics, has expanded its portfolio as it brings its offering into mature sectors, in an attempt revitalize and energize what’s currently on offer to the healthcare, hospitality and medical sectors.

Meryl will be supplying finished items as well as selling the fabrics directly, with its current range. This will include bed sheets and linens, towels, workwear including base layers, uniforms, and scrubs, and masks are just a few of the products the company produces and the strong and durable textiles can be completely reused as they continue to focus on environmental impact, quality and protection built around a sustainable circular economy.

The bedding sets and duvet covers are manufactured using hi-tech smart fabrics with a full circular economy, zero shedding and HeiQ permanent virus, bacteria and odor technology.

Garments made with Meryl premium yarns inherit natural elasticity without the need of elastane. They are also made with premium yarn technologies which do not release microfibres to the air and oceans, and are certified as non-polluting. Additionally, these garments offer permanent antiviral protection through HEIQ technology which has been Permanently integrated into the early manufacturing processes, which inhibits the proliferation of virus, bacteria and odours in the fabric.

Kevin Simpson, co-founder of Meryl Medical commented: “Our research and insight demonstrates that procurement teams are wanting to explore more environmental and technologically advanced options but the ranges are currently not available to them. Our raw materials are made into a high performing fabric with a luxurious finish and stylish design. The hydrogen process that the fabrics go through provides the ultimate soft touch and all of our products are treated with HeiQ Permanent, making them antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal.

“As many companies across the world are keen to cut their carbon footprint, using Meryl’s specialized products can help achieve this. Fabrics can be washed using reduced washing temperatures, and as no chemicals or solvents are used in production, there is no waste water. Importantly, the fabrics are 100-percent infinitely recyclable.”

Ingo Mangold, Meryl Medical’s German textile design engineer, also commented: “It is extremely important for us at Meryl Medical to be part of a circular economy and close the loop on our garments, ensuring that all of our products can be made into another product without creating any waste. The way in which we do this is simple. We collect our yarns and garments at the end of their useful life and they go through a physical process in which they are converted back into base polymer. Once they are back in their basic form, the polymer is used to manufacture yarn with the same properties as virgin yarn which in turn is available to be made into new products.”

All Meryl Medical products are treated with a permanent antiviral-effect, antibacterial and anti-fungal technology co-developed alongside their virology partner, HeiQ. HeiQ helps improve the lives of billions of people by adding functionalities to all kinds of materials through scientific research, specialty materials manufacturing and consumer ingredient branding.

Posted September 20, 2021

Source: Meryl Medical Ltd.