Korean Safety Glove Manufacturer Summit Corp. Obtains Overseas Certification

SEONGNAM-SI, South Korea — August 30, 2021 — Summit Corp., a Korea-based safety glove manufacturer, announced that it has acquired EN certification for three styles of leather safety gloves and will accelerate overseas exports.

The certified products are QU-18K, QU-15P, and QU-15, all of which are safety gloves with enhanced durability by using natural cowhide with water-repellent function for the entire hand. They can be used for various purposes such as rescue, first aid, suppression, and driving, etc.

They are removable easily due to integration of the outer and lining, and have ergonomic patterns to make it feel good about the wearing. Also, rappelling can be done by applying an extra layer of cowhide on the palm. In addition, they have passed the standard of hazardous substance of leather, and abrasion resistance of over 15,000 times.

For the QU-18K, it has an insert, a functional polyurethane that enables perfect waterproofing, and a knuckle protector attached on the back of the hand. QU-18K has the best performance out of three gloves. The QU-15P and QU-15 have pads attached on the back of the hand, and the QU-15P includes an insert just like the QU-18K, too.

Since its establishment in 2005, Summit has grown based on its accumulated experiences in glove manufacturing.

By focusing on research and development of more specialized firefighting and safety gloves beyond the scope of existing sports gloves, Summit has obtained a patent related to waterproof glove manufacturing and KFI certification for firefighting gloves and hoods. With those, the brand of Summit, Salvare, has been recognized as the best firefighting glove and hood brand.

In addition, Summit developed a protective glove made of PBI fabric with excellent fire-retardancy performance and received high praise at Korean Firefighting Fair.

Summit established a research institute in 2018 to make efforts and to develop the best products with the goal of customer safety.

Summit CEO Chung Eun-young said: “Based on the success of the Korean market, Summit Corporation has acquired EN certification for three safety gloves this year, and is expanding our business overseas with excellent gloves at competitive prices. We will always do our best to develop and provide better ones for the safety of firefighters by constantly moving forward.”

Posted August 30, 2021

Source: Summit Corp.