SINTX Enters Ceramic Armor Market Through Purchase Of Assets From B4C, LLC And Technology License From Precision Ceramics USA

SALT LAKE CITY — July 22, 2021 — SINTX Technologies Inc., an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of silicon nitride ceramic for medical and non-medical applications, announced today that it has entered an asset purchase agreement with B4C LLC of Dayton, Ohio, to acquire the equipment and technical processes required to make ballistic armor plates. Separately, SINTX also entered into a technology license agreement with Precision Ceramics USA Inc. to manufacture a ceramic composite for defense armor applications.

Ceramic materials are an integral part of modern armor systems because of their light weight and resistance to high velocity projectiles. Governments worldwide are investing in novel ceramic armor solutions to protect law enforcement and military personnel as well as vehicles, aircraft, and ships against high-intensity threats. B4C is a specialty producer of boron carbide, a ceramic material used in the manufacture of protective body armor plates. Precision Ceramics USA is an international expert in technical ceramic component solutions.

Through its newly-created and wholly-owned subsidiary called SINTX Armor, the Company plans to utilize a two-pronged strategy. The assets acquired from B4C will be used to manufacture and market pure boron carbide — the highest strength ceramic armor available. These are designed to protect soldiers against hardened, high-velocity projectiles, against which other materials are not as effective. Additionally, SINTX will jointly develop and manufacture a special, lower cost composite of boron carbide and silicon carbide, under an exclusive license from Precision Ceramics USA. The composite material is targeted at the law enforcement and civilian armor markets.

“The agreement with SINTX is exciting and will open new markets for our respective businesses,” said Sohail Amer, chairman of Precision Ceramics USA. “We are looking forward to combining our industry and product knowledge with SINTX’s expertise in materials science to create high-tech, innovative solutions that are unmatched in today’s market. Precision Ceramics is committed to working closely with SINTX to make this venture a success.”

“With equipment and expertise acquired from B4C, LLC, and the license from Precision Ceramics in place, SINTX intends to apply its material science expertise toward the development of personnel, aircraft, and vehicle armor,” said Dr. Sonny Bal, president, and CEO, SINTX Technologies. “This is a very significant diversification of our products into the U.S. military, Department of Defense, and law enforcement segments. All of us at SINTX take particular pride at this opportunity and feel great responsibility to protect and serve our fellow citizens who risk their lives for our safety.”

Going forward, Don Bray, vice president of Business Development at SINTX will focus entirely on industrial and armor ceramics. SINTX expects to hire additional personnel who will assume responsibilities in the antipathogenic business segment as well as additional staff to support the armor business as the Company transitions the assets purchased in Dayton to Salt Lake City over the coming months.

Advisory services related to the B4C asset purchase were provided by Ascendiant Capital Markets.

Posted July 22, 2021

Source: SINTX Technologies, Inc.