Coloreel Secures 70 Million Swedish Krona In Private Placement

JÖNKÖPING, Sweden — July 7, 2021 — Coloreel, with its unique well-patented technology for digital dyeing of textile thread on-demand, has raised 70 million Swedish krona ($8.1 million) in a private placement to existing and new shareholders. The funding will be used to support the company’s market expansion and growth and to initiate expansion into new application areas such as sewing.

“In this private placement, we bring in a number of exciting and strong investors alongside the existing major shareholders, Robur Ny Teknik, SEB Stiftelsen, Svea Ekonomi and Ilija Batljan, who also participated in this placement. In parallel to this, we now receive more and more new expressions of interest from additional investors which feels very exciting,” said the company’s founder and main owner Joakim Staberg.

“We are noticing a sharp increase in activity as more and more markets open up. Larger orders such as the one recently announced from Tryckhuset AB is great proof that we are on the right track in our ambition to modernize the use of embroidery in the textile industry,” said Mattias Nordin, CEO of Coloreel

Product and customer benefits

Coloreel’s technology for digital dyeing of textile thread on-demand gives embroidery manufacturers and fashion designers a number of significant competitive advantages. The technology maximizes the users’ creative potential while minimizing the environmental impact. Higher embroidery quality, no thread waste, no wastewater, creative color changes and above all a complete freedom in the use of colors.

Market and deliveries

The interest from the market is great, from the smallest to the very largest brands in everything from lifestyle and sports to exclusive fashion apparel. Coloreel has chosen to initially enter into close collaborations with some of the world’s most famous brands and leading embroidery manufacturers.

The embroidery market is large and includes about 8 million installed embroidery heads worldwide. Each of these embroidery heads can be equipped with Coloreel’s technology. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Coloreel, with the help of existing distributors, has delivered its ground-breaking technology to eleven countries in Europe, the United States and Asia, albeit in limited volumes. It has also started business with the world’s largest distributor of embroidery machines, U.S. based Hirsch Solutions, which has already installed the technology with several reputable end-customers in the United States.

Posted July 7, 2021

Source: Coloreel