Indorama Ventures Adds New Production To Its Naphthalates Business To Become The World’s Largest Merchant Producer Of PNDA

BANGKOK, Thailand — June16, 2021— Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA LLC (IVXP), a subsidiary of global chemical producer Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), announced new purified 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic Acid (PNDA) production unit, making IVXP the world’s largest PNDA producer. The unit is located at IVXP’s integrated manufacturing site in Decatur, Ala.

The company used in-house technology to design and develop the new unit, which was built with equipment mostly made in the Unietd States. IVXP’s PNDA maintains the highest 99.8 percent purity level, with extremely low levels of metals and other organics. The unit can produce enough PNDA to fulfil current and forecast global demand for the next 10 years.

IVL is the only large-scale commercial producer of dimethyl 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate (NDC) monomers. In addition to PNDA and NDC production, it offers a wide range of naphthalate polymers such as (polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), PEN-Copolymers, polybutylene naphthalate (PBN), and other specialty naphthalates.

D. K. Agarwal, CEO of Combined PET, IOD and Fibers Business at Indorama Ventures, said: “The additional PNDA production extends IVL’s specialty chemical portfolio. Along with NDC, the new unit will serve high-end polyester markets. This is part of our continuous commitment to providing our customers with a reliable and integrated source of important monomers for their specialty polymer production. This helps our customers to capture the growth in 5G and related end-use markets.”

PNDA is the carboxylic acid counterpart to NDC, which is also produced at IVXP’s Decatur facility. The product is produced as a white solid powder and is used to make specialty polyester polymers for electronic and electrical parts, packaging, high-temperature performance polymers, chemical intermediates as well as liquid crystal chemicals and polymers. Samples are available for testing, qualification, and product development in metric ton quantities.

Posted June 16, 2021

Source: Indorama Ventures