Introducing Supreen™: A Revolutionary Performance Upholstery Fabric You Have To Feel To Believe

Named after a combination of the words “supple” and “preen,” preserving comfort and beauty is key to Supreen™’s ethos. With a supple, surprisingly soft hand, “preen” references the preening of an aquatic bird, keeping its plumage waterproof and tidy.

NEW YORK CITY — March 16, 2021 — Supreen™, a new performance fabric, tackles the spills and stains of everyday life without compromising high-end design, sustainability, or materiality, according to the manufacturer Nassimi LLC. A fusion of beauty and brawn, Supreen brings cutting-edge woven and coated technology to create a unique liquid-barrier textile with a soft hand that offers impressive upholstery options. This leading combination represents an evolution of performance fabrics, offering manufacturers and designers the durability they need with the aesthetic they seek.

Named after a combination of the words “supple” and “preen,” preserving comfort and beauty is key to Supreen’s ethos. With a supple, surprisingly soft hand, “preen” references the preening of an aquatic bird, keeping its plumage waterproof and tidy. Made by Nassimi, a market innovator in premium faux leather, Supreen follows suit in its technical prowess and inventive nature. Breaking new ground, the composite material is constructed of a proprietary silicone blend that is virtually impermeable to any liquid, reactively repelling liquids and preventing future stains. No matter the length of time from the original spill, Supreen resists liquid permeability, ensuring that stains do not soak through the fabric or compromise the furniture. A testament to texture and breathability allows Supreen a greater range of upholstery possibilities, where stiffer, more traditional performance fabrics may waver.

“Supreen is a pioneer of performance materials,” stated Iwan Nassimi, executive vice president of Nassimi. “Designed to provide the utmost performance, Supreen exceeds industry standards and expectations. With an impermeable liquid barrier, stain resistance, bleach cleanability and impressive breathability, we are thrilled to introduce Supreen and look forward to seeing how designers and manufacturers leverage its innovation in contract environments and beyond.”

Thoughtfully crafted, Supreen utilizes a multi-step production method. After the polyester fabric is woven to the highest performance specifications and dyed to the desired hue, it is then purified in a proprietary, patented process that ionically removes over 99 percent of all contaminants. The fabric is then immersed into a novel silicone solution that permanently embeds a thin layer into the fibers without altering appearance or texture, thanks to the patented purification process. Lastly, a performance polyurethane backing is thermo-bonded to the fabric, sans adhesives or solvents, creating a new, composite material, and completing the process.

Compromise is not found within Supreen’s vocabulary. Along with its remarkable performance capabilities, what sets Supreen apart is its incredibly plush hand for such a high-duty material — Supreen retains the luxurious softness of a woven fabric with the integrated durability of a coated textile. This material innovation ensures that Supreen surpasses contract grade upholstery standards and is suitable for endless design options. True to Nassimi’s signature of proactive and future-thinking design solutions, Supreen is both environmentally friendly and bleach cleanable. Free of fluorocarbons, Supreen prioritizes environmental and personal health, as its silicone composition is PFC- and PFOA-free. Supreen is also HHI and Prop 65 compliant.

The inaugural launch of Supreen will include three new textile offerings boasting performance capabilities and a rich, sweeping color palette of deep jewel tones and classic neutrals. The Supreen Winter 2021 Collection includes a textural weave with subtle dimension, a touchably soft, delicately heathered design, and a small-scale geometric pattern with dynamic texture.  More innovative patterns will be added to the collection in the coming months.

Supreen is currently available exclusively through a handful of leading fabric distributors including: Anzea Textiles (division of Stinson), Burch Fabrics, Carnegie Fabrics, Coral Inc., Designtex, Fabricut Contract, Justin David Textiles, KB Contract, Knoll Textiles, Paul Brayton Designs, Reliatex, Samelson-Chatelane, United Fabrics, Woeller, and Wolf Gordon Inc.

Posted March 16, 2021

Source: Nassimi LLC