Elkem Silicones Receives A New ISO 14001 Certification

LYON, France — March 23, 2021 — Elkem Silicones’ Saint-Fons plant obtains ISO 14001 certification and demonstrates its commitment to environmental management at the Saint-Fons site south of Lyon.

This certification comes after an audit in December 2020. This environmental approach is part of the Elkem Group’s sustainable development strategy. The Saint-Fons site thus joins all the production sites of Elkem Silicones (perimeter 2020) already certified alongside the manufacturing site of Roussillon in France which is having the dual CERTIFICATION ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for 4 years.

Elkem Silicones’ goal is to develop and produce silicones that meet the needs and expectations of its customers, while respecting its compliance obligations and reducing its environmental impact by mastering the environmental aspects of its activities.

“Our commitment is to continuously control and improve our environmental footprint. We have launched an ambitious action plan to address these challenges,” said Sébastien Stérin, director of the Saint-Fons plant.

“This process is part of the entire value chain of our business, from the purchase of raw materials or services, to the realization in our industrial processes, to the delivery of the product to our customers. Elkem is a signatory to the Responsible Care Global Charter, societal and environmental issues are at the heart of our group’s growth strategy,” said Didier Lemoine, HSE director Elkem Silicones.

Posted March 23, 2021

Source: Elkem Silicones