Textile-To-Textile Circular Systems Trials Awarded Grant Accelerating Circularity Receives $1.2 Million

CAMPBELL HALL, N.Y. — January 19, 2021 — The Walmart Foundation awarded Accelerating Circularity a grant of $1.2 million for circular textile-to-textile systems trials using spent textiles generated on the East Coast of the United States.

Accelerating Circularity’s 2020 research on spent textiles, collectors, sorters, preprocessors and recyclers showed opportunities and gaps. We will create links through multi-party collaborations as part of newly identified circular models.

The grant has been awarded to validate circular systems models through trials, which aim to move spent textiles through the key nodes of circular systems: collecting, sorting, preprocessing, and chemical and mechanical recycling through fiber, fabric and garment making and — to close the loop — brands and retailers. Accelerating Circularity is collaborating with product digitization pioneers Eon, leveraging their CircularID™ Protocol to support the implementation of circular product passports. Validated systems can help with the uptake of new circular business models and employment opportunities for each of these new or expanding businesses.

Circular systems success requires industry wide collaborations. We have already engaged industry organizations and individual companies throughout the supply network, and we will recruit new participants who recognize that working together is essential through open calls. Connection at each step from collecting spent textiles to demand is the key to success.

Open calls will include:

  • Brands and retailers who want to offer circular products to their customers;
  • Cut & sew manufacturers who can make circular products; and
  • Others who have technologies and processes that will support circular systems.

Posted January 19, 2021

Source: Accelerating Circularity