Datacolor® Introduces High-Efficiency Benchtop Spectrophotometer Series, Spectro 1000/700

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — January 19, 2021 — Datacolor®, a global supplier of color management solutions, announced today the launch of the Spectro 1000/700 series, a family of close-tolerance benchtop spectrophotometers designed for high efficiency and confidence in color formulation and quality control in a wide range of industries.

The new series features the high inter-instrument agreement Datacolor customers have come to rely on, to ensure uniform color assessments across various instruments and multiple locations throughout the supply chain. The systems are designed to increase productivity and improve workflow efficiency through high measurement speeds and seamless backward capability with other Datacolor benchtop instruments. The Spectro 1000/700 family is optimized for the future of color management, featuring internet connectivity for upcoming remote services.

“Heightened by the pandemic and remote working trends, the need for digital exchange of color data has increased. Datacolor set out to develop a family of high-efficiency spectrophotometers designed to meet the industry needs of today while also staying ahead of tomorrow’s trends,” said Albert Busch, President and CEO, Datacolor. “With the Spectro 1000/700 series, users can feel confident their instruments are ready to take advantage of future product enhancements, allowing for remote service and data analytics thanks to internet connectivity.”

Users of the Spectro 1000/700 series will also enjoy greater confidence in their color measurements thanks to its ability to capture the temperature of samples measured. This is an essential new quality control feature for those who work with materials that need be within certain temperature ranges to assure accurate color measurement.

“The Datacolor 1000 is a game changer,” said Dave Ertle, Advanced R&D Engineer and Solution Center Manager at GEON® Performance Solutions, a Datacolor customer. “There’s no more guessing if a user measured a specimen that had properly cooled to ambient temperature.”

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Posted January 19, 2021

Source: Datacolor®