UBQ Materials: Developing Car Parts Of The Future With Motherson Group

TEL AVIV, Israel — November 23, 2020 — Global automotive Tier 1 manufacturer Motherson Group announced its collaboration with Israeli cleantech company UBQ Materials. The companies are joining efforts to implement the carbon-negative UBQ ™ thermoplastic into auto parts manufactured by Motherson Group for the automotive industry.

UBQ™ is a patented material converted from 100% unsorted household waste, containing food leftovers, mixed plastics, paper, cardboard, packaging materials and diapers. The unsorted waste stream is reduced to its most basic natural components and then reassembled and bound together into a matrix, creating a novel climate-positive material with applications across industries.

By diverting landfill-destined waste, UBQ™ prevents the emission of methane, groundwater leakage and other environmental harms. Every ton of UBQ™ produced prevents 11.7 tons of CO2-eq from polluting the environment, leading Life Cycle Assessment auditors Quantis to designate UBQ™ as “The Most Climate Positive Thermoplastic Material on the Market.”

In February 2020, UBQ Materials embarked on its first partnership in the automotive industry with Daimler, manufacturer of Mercedes Benz. As a result of successful progress and advanced developments, UBQ Materials was introduced to Motherson. Motherson selected UBQ Materials as an innovation partner in Plug and Play’s Startup Autobahn, a platform that connects emerging technologies to pilot opportunities with multinational corporations.

Motherson is looking to provide sustainable solutions to aid in their customers’ sustainability commitments. “Motherson is a global tier-one manufacturer and supplier to the industry and as such, we are very conscious of continually seeking ways to be more sustainable, to reduce the environmental impact of our business, and to look for ways of increasing use of recycled and sustainable materials”, explains Barrie Painter, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing and Strategic Technology at Motherson.

“We have embarked on a very ambitious project”, says Sophie Tuviahu, VP of Business Development and Sales at UBQ Materials. “Automotive standards are demanding and we aim to be an approved raw material in a wide scope of applications in the automotive industry.”

Motherson is currently testing and evaluating the incorporation of UBQ™ in the production of a range of interior and exterior automobile parts. Following further trials and examinations, Motherson and UBQ have every intention to see this collaboration through to serial production.

Posted November 24, 2020

Source: UBQ Materials