Introducing SleepCharge: A New Sleep Technology Designed For High Performance Rest And Recovery

NEW YORK CITY — November 15, 2020 — SleepCharge powered by Nanobionic, a new brand focused on enhancing sleep performance, launches November 15 exclusively in Walmart stores nationwide and on SleepCharge uses Nanbionic’s patented far-infrared technology in its fabric applications to enhance and recycle the body’s energy, in a scientifically proven way, that ultimately stimulates local blood flow, and as characterized by the FDA, provides for an overall general wellness of being. As such, SleepCharge performance bedding offers better sleep, enhanced recovery and an overall more efficient sleep cycle. The launch collection includes a mattress protector, pillow protector, mattress pad, sheet set and comforter. Additional product launches will roll out in the coming months.

What is Nanobionic?

Nanobionic is a soft coating made of far infrared emitting minerals that can be applied to any type of surface, such as clothing, bedding, foam, leather or textile product. The minerals in the coating get activated with body heat — energy — emitted by your body and return back this enhanced energy to make you a hybrid engine — a real source of usable and recyclable energy. Returned energy increases local blood flow allowing your body to enhance recovery, improve athletic performance and promote a more restful sleep. Nanobionic is also the recipient of NASA’s coveted iTech award for best product innovation

How does Nanobionic work within SleepCharge’s product range?

Far infrared is more emissive than infrared, offering 90-percent efficacy in restoring energy. Given the nature of the blend of nanobionic minerals, the technology is highly emissive, meaning it works up to three inches away from your body. This means everything from mattress toppers to sheets and pillows will provide health & wellness benefits while asleep.

How are the products made?

Nanobionic is made through several steps. First, we ethnically source the most far infrared emitting minerals available to create the proprietary formula. After the formula is isolated and the minerals are mixed, everything is then melted into a liquid form. Finally, the nanobionic liquid mineral compound is applied directly to the fabrics and textiles from which we create SleepCharge products.

Does the power of the technology fade over time, use and washing?

Nanobionic is near permanent, with very little loss of efficacy after loads of washes, making SleepCharge a long-lasting solution to improving healthy sleep.

SleepCharge will launch in all Walmart stores nationwide, and on on November 15, 2020.

Posted November 9, 2020

Source: Nanobionic