ION Manufacturing Unveils ZnTech: A Revolutionary Zinc Fiber Microcurrent That Kills Coronavirus

PHOENIX — October 9, 2020 — As global demand for innovative and effective antimicrobial and antiviral wearable materials increases in the wake of the current pandemic, ION Manufacturing is proud to debut ZnTech™ — a proprietary and patented zinc fiber matrix capable of generating microcurrent that is lethal to coronavirus and other virulent pathogens. Designed for broad-spectrum textile usage, ZnTech has significant potential for various applications, including its use in personal protective equipment (PPE) and both medical and consumer grade electroceutical fabrics.

ION Manufacturing is among the first U.S.-based companies to come to market with scientifically-verified zinc-based antiviral technology. ZnTech fully destroys viral pathogens, while most currently available antiviral technology employs chemicals that only retard or repel viral particles. Further, Zinc is a proven safe and non-toxic element, making it most suitable for application in materials that are placed directly on the skin and over the mouth.

This ground-breaking zinc fiber matrix interacts with exhaled moisture and oxygen, or oxygen from the skin’s surface, to generate the microcurrent. The sustainable electric field is created without wires or an external battery source and maintains its current, despite repeated washings. The antiviral properties of ZnTech facemask technology greatly decrease transmission of exhaled infectious droplets to the surrounding environment while offering protection to those who are wearing the fiber. In addition to its antiviral applications, microcurrents have many positive and well documented health benefits including increased blood flow, enhanced ATP production in the mitochondria, pain relief, collagen production, and nerve stimulation.

ION Manufacturing Founding Partner and ZnTech Co-Inventor Dr. Scott Sheftel, M.D., board-certified dermatologist explained: “Our research into microcurrent stimulation has been focused on interactive antimicrobial compression clothing for pain relief and sports recovery. The recent coronavirus outbreak presented a critical need for antiviral innovation so testing of our technology was made a top priority. Results immediately showed that it was extremely effective in killing coronavirus, H1N1 (swine flu) and H3N2 (seasonal flu), presenting exciting and promising opportunities for the future of wearable personal protective equipment (PPE). We are honored to offer ZnTech as a resource in the fight against COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens, and it is our hope that its usage as an antiviral tool will ultimately save lives and create a safer environment for our communities and our children.”

ZnTech fabric was rigorously lab tested by the award-winning Integrated Pharma Services, a leading pre-clinical and clinical research organization. ZnTech consistently demonstrated antiviral properties against various respiratory viruses including Influenza and human Coronavirus with a 99.7-percent success rate. The antiviral efficacy testing was conducted based on ISO Standard 18184:2019- Determination of Antiviral Activity of Textile Products. This standard is a stringent methodology for demonstrating antiviral efficacy of textiles.

Posted October 14, 2020

Source: Ion Manufacturing