DyStar Launches Cadira® Polyamide And Cadira Polyester/Cellulosic Exhaust

SINGAPORE — October 13, 2020 — DyStar, a specialty chemical company with a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation is pleased to announce the recent launch of Cadira® Polyamide and Polyester/Cellulosic Exhaust. With the two additions, DyStar currently offers eleven Cadira modules in total to support the supply chain with complete sustainable solutions from manufacturing to production and beyond.

Fanny Vermandel, Vice President, Global Marketing Coloration of DyStar said, “DyStar is delighted to add Cadira Polyamide and Cadira Polyester/Cellulosic Exhaust to our current modules. With these additions, Brands and Retailers, manufacturers, and production houses can look onto these options to further optimize their production processes. DyStar strongly believes that its evolving innovations support and shape the supply chain towards a greener and cleaner production environment.”

Cadira® Polyamide

Cadira Polyamide is an environmentally friendly scour-dyeing process using DyStar’s Telon® and Isolan® dyes and selected Sera® products for nylon, nylon blends and recycled nylon.

Compared to the conventional process that requires three separate baths, pretreament, dyeing and a modified after-treatment can now be completed in the same bath, which in turn reduce water, process time and energy consumption considerably. Trial results observed up to 20-percent less electricity consumed, up to 30-percent less water consumed, up to 25-percent less steam consumed, and a reduction of up to 30-percent of the dyeing time.

Cadira® Polyester/Cellulosic Exhaust

The Cadira Polyester/Cellulosic Exhaust module offers process optimization options and product offers for exhaust processing of polyester/cellulosic blends to reduce consumption of water, energy and reduce the output of greenhouse gas emission, as well as wastewater quantities and effluent load.

Recommended DyStar’s products for environmentally friendly exhaust processing of polyester/cellulosic blends include Dianix®, Levafix®, Remazol®, Indanthren®, Sirius® dyes and Sera® auxiliaries are suggested for dyeing and aftertreatment.

11 Cadira® Modules Launched

Since the launch of the first Cadira module in 2016, DyStar has developed a total of 11 Cadira modules: Reactive, Reactive/Disperse Continuous, Polyester/Cellulosic Exhaust, VAT, Polyester, Recycled Polyester, Wool, Polyamide, Printing PX, Denim and Laundry, helping the entire textile value chain to achieve greener production.

Posted October 13, 2020

Source: DyStar