Aurora Reinvents Fabric Wall Coverings With The Launch Of Scenic Expressions

YORKVILLE, Ill. — July 15, 2020 — After extensive development and independent testing, Aurora is proud to announce the launch of its new high-performance family of fabric wall coverings, Scenic Expressions, with the introduction of Scenic Expressions Taffeta — an adhesive peel & stick product — and Scenic Expressions Taffeta Paste — which is paste-applied.

The first product in what will be a full line of next-generation fabric wall solutions, Scenic Expressions Taffeta is the wall covering that architects, designers, builders and printers knew they wanted — and  now won’t be able to live without. Scenic Expressions Taffeta offers a unique combination of beauty, durability, ease of installation and superior printability.

Finished with Aurora’s proprietary “Expressions” coating technology, Scenic Expressions has been engineered to provide superior image quality, color output and color gamut on today’s latest generation Latex, Solvent/Eco-solvent, and UV printers. The heavier weight fabrics used to make Scenic Expressions are more opaque, dimensionally-stable, and robust than other wall covering products on the market. It is also easier to print and install.

Overall, Scenic Expressions is a leg up on other, comparable products and hands down, delivers a more attractive end product than wall coverings made from PVC or vinyl, according to the company. In addition, Scenic Expressions Taffeta is made from 100-percent polyester, which means it’s PVC free.

Wall graphics printed on Scenic Expressions Taffeta have a vivid image that is neither too shiny nor too matte. Scenic Expressions Taffeta is also 90 percent heavier and 80 percent thicker than the competition, making it much easier to apply and remove. It also does a better job masking wall imperfections than lighter, less opaque fabric wall products.

Overall, Scenic Expressions has a richer look and feel than comparable fabric products on the market, based on both independent and internal testing.

The Scenic Expressions Taffeta peel & stick product is coated with an easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove repositionable adhesive that eliminates peeling, shrinkage, curling and wrinkling during installation. A paste-applied version is also available.

Designed for installation in both residential and commercial settings, Scenic Expressions Taffeta meets the key criteria for ASTM F793 Durability Type II*. This means it can be used in heavy traffic commercial settings, including nursing homes and hospitals, without worry. This product also has an ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rating.

“Aurora’s product development team has worked tirelessly to develop a next-generation, digitally-printable family of textile wall covering solutions, which we have branded Scenic Expressions,” said Mark Shaneyfelt, director of Sales & Marketing at Aurora.

“These products offer all the benefits of a 100 percent fabric material combined with Aurora’s industry-best “Expressions” coating technology. With the introduction of this product line, users need not sacrifice printability or print output when selecting a textile-based wall covering solution over a PVC or vinyl material.”

Posted July 15, 2020

Source: Aurora Specialty Textiles Group Inc.