TTG Introduces Innovative Composite Fabric For Medical Face Masks

HIGGINSVILLE, Mo. — May 26, 2020 — Trinity Technology Group’s (TTG) latest AIRADIGM™ innovation takes healthcare personnel protection to the next level. Leveraging years of expertise in filtration and membrane engineering with extensive performance fabric design knowledge, TTG created a new AIRADIGM three-layer composite medical face mask media delivering incomparable value for the healthcare industry.

“We are proud that our proprietary AIRADIGM technology can help better protect people on the front lines of healthcare today,” said Greg Vas Nunes, TTG’s CEO. “We applied our significant experience in membrane and fabric construction to create a composite material that provides several unique performance features not currently available.”

Three Layers of Protection for Performance, Comfort, Extended Product Life, and Sustainability

AIRADIGM composite face mask material is a proprietary design that features:

  • Spun-lace polyester outside layer for durability;
  • ePTFE membrane core for enhanced filtration and breathability;
  • Spun-bond polypropylene inside for softness and moisture management; and
  • The composite media is sonically laminated for integrity and increased mask lifespan.

This unique, lightweight, bonded composite keeps fluids and particles out but allows body heat and vapor to escape for long term comfort. Also, the composite’s membrane core is breathable and increases the wearer’s protection. Studies have shown that PPE comfort is a must for user compliance and concentration, both of which are absolutely critical in medical settings.

The proprietary membrane provides filtration capabilities that do not degrade with humidity unlike traditional melt blown mask materials. Microbe and particle protection levels stay consistently high for all-day protection without frequent mask replacement. Masks made with the special AIRADIGM media can be autoclaved and safely reused. These benefits relieve the stress on the PPE supply chain and improve return on investment. Plus, substantially fewer masks end up in landfills.

Third party testing and certification is under way at Nelson Labs to confirm that the AIRADIGM surgical grade face mask media exceeds ASTM F2101 for Bacterial and Viral Penetration, ASTM F1862 for Blood Penetration, and ASTM F2299 for Particulate Infiltration, key criteria for N95 and ASTM Level 3 face masks.

AIRADIGM composite fabrics are manufactured in the USA in a clean, resource considerate, state-of-the-art facility for high quality, quick customer support, and reliable deliveries.

Posted May 26, 2020

Source: Trinity Technology Group’s (TTG)