Web Industries Launches WebPrecisionPlus™ Printing, Slitting/Traverse Winding Capability For Consumer Brands And Contract Packagers

Web Industries’ WebPrecisionPlus™ service combines flexographic printing, high-precision slitting, and large format traverse winding to deliver superior formatted flexible materials for manufacturing.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — April 6, 2020 — A new multipronged solution for consumer brands and contract packagers that combines high-quality printing and precision slitting/traverse winding is now available from Web Industries Inc., an outsource manufacturer and precision formatter of flexible materials. The new offering, called WebPrecisionPlus™, incorporates brand-enhancing flexographic printing with precision narrow-width slitting and tightly controlled traverse winding, or spooling.

Potential applications exist in the food, pet food, household and personal care sectors, and anywhere else goods are marketed in flexible packaging. A few examples: narrow tear strips for small tissue packages, mid-size drawstrings for trash bags, and wide overwraps for the packaging of beverages and towels.

“WebPrecisionPlus enables consumer brands and contract packagers to create colorful, eye-catching flexible packaging while achieving greater production efficiency,” says Web’s Adrienne Green, director of sales, Personal & Home Care. “It allows businesses to outsource certain challenging printing, slitting and winding operations entirely to Web. The companies can then focus greater attention on their core product manufacturing and packaging activities. Options include complete printing, slitting and winding; slitting and winding only or roll-to-roll printing of master rolls of material.

Wide-web printing

Web Industries’ wide-web printing capability — 92 inches wide for single-color printing, 62 inches wide for eight colors — features 100-percent vision inspection paired with high-resolution cameras to inspect the full web while printing. The vibrant, high-quality printing helps promote brand preference for packaged goods on retail shelves and online, wherever needs exist to capture customer attention. Web prints on a huge variety of packaging substrates including paper, paperboard, film, foam, nonwovens, laminated materials and substrates with overprint varnishes (OPV). Brands can select either water-based or solvent-based ink systems according to their preference.

In addition, Web supports the use of “functional inks,” a growing category. These inks alter their color or appearance when exposed to moisture, sunlight or another agent. This can communicate a promotional message or convey a change in a material’s or garment’s condition, such as a wet diaper.

Precise slitting/winding

WebPrecisionPlus’ slitting and traverse winding operations produce large rolls that easily integrate into packaging lines. Web Industries precision slits materials to widths as narrow as 1 millimeter up to 12 inches wide and then traverse winds them onto spools to extend the customers’ production run time. Accuracy ranges to ±.003 inches for stiffer materials.

The slit material is then traverse wound, or spooled, under the supervision of Web technicians. Each winding pattern custom fits its application. Dynamic tension control and accurate winding prevent material damage and reduce the risk of foldovers and jams on packaging lines.

Once installed, the large rolls feed thousands of linear feet of material to packaging lines and can run 10 hours or more without a roll change. This cuts material waste and needs for splicing during a production run.

In addition, the larger rolls deliver sustainability advantages. A single large roll produces less packaging waste than multiple smaller pad rolls.


Web Industries is prepared to develop nonwoven and material converting solutions and is offering production capacity to support the manufacture of disposable medical products for the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, Web converts ties and bindings for surgical masks. Formatting experts are available to discuss how the company’s converting lines and expertise can help manufacturers meet demand for disposable medical products needed for the COVID-19 response.

Posted April 5, 2020

Source: Web Industries Inc.